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Credit Card Fraud Scams

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Shawn Said:

Why are 100% of the people who try to scam my retail store and commit credit card fraud black?

We Answered:

Maybe your in a location where you have a very high percentage of black shoppers....

Cory Said:

Is this a credit card scam?

We Answered:


Evelyn Said:

Is it fraud to enter a fake credit card into a "free trial" scam?

We Answered:

It's not illegal but you won't get the item. They do run the card to check if it is a valid number. They ask for the billing address so you can't simply make up a number. Many people enter an incorrect number by mistake. The site will come back and ask for the correct number.

Nelson Said:

I gave my credit card number to a fraud/scam site?

We Answered:

really you are not stupid......very smart its a prepaid card but none the less call the card people and let them know.......

Irma Said:

Are you aware of the latest credit card scam?

We Answered:

Thanks for the info. I am amazed nearly every time I am on here, how many people constantly are asking questions about if this type of thing is a scam. I was taught not to give out personal information by my parents when I was very young, and it was also talked about in school, so I have never given out information over the phone or the Internet. Have a good night!

Sharon Said:

Shop owner uncovers 20m credit card fraud, should the banks give him a reward?

We Answered:

Well the judge has done his bit (500) now the C/C and Banks should do their bit - but sadly they won't - just happy 'that one' of many frauds has been sorted.

It would be like getting 'blood out of a stone with that lot - this action by Mr Hills deserves a 5.000 reward for his efforts surely for stopping a continuing fraud - but sadly it won't happen. Your Ad Here

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