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Credit Card Frauds

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Jeanne Said:

How can i use my credit card more securely for online purchase?

We Answered:

You can do online parchase using your credit cards by some simple safety methodes.
Make sure that you are giving your credit card to a verisign verified sites and also in a https web page.
Try to use a virtual credit card rather than your own original credit card (source)
use on screen keyboard to enter credit card details
more informations about the same is given in the source

Claudia Said:

Credit Card Frauds: Why is it that credit card companies are able to inform you...?

We Answered:

If they see a lot of activity on the card in a short period of time, it pops up on their credit system.

Vickie Said:

How can you survive cash crunch ,credit squeeze, and credit card frauds?

We Answered:

I don't know what you mean by cash crunch, but you can survive credit problems by avoiding borrowing. There are lots of very successful people who have made it the old fashioned way, by paying cash where ever possible.

Cecil Said:

Where can I report Credit Card Frauds in India by the private banks?

We Answered:

The Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 2006,

Both these authorities deals with credit sorces and banking policies links for the same are given below.

However I request you to kindly contact the bank in question before you approach these authorities.Also try to obtain required documents or proofs which points out mistakes done by banks .. for example : - some written letters or else you can even record converstation on your mobile phone.

Cheers !!

I love to play with banks.

Douglas Said:

How many year would the offender get for max of 150$ credit card frauds and 2 attempts? or probation?

We Answered:

You didn't say if there were 'priors'. That makes BIG difference.

Forget probation, if they are REAL lucky they might get jail time suspended, but probably 30 to 180 days with credit for time served. I'd say 3 years probation..and serving the WHOLE sentence if there's ANY parole violation afterwards.

That's with out anyn priors. If this is a repeat offender, you're looking at 90 to 180 days minimum, and 1 to three years maximum.

Some depends on your state. You need to talk to a defense lawyer in your state.

Norma Said:

How often do you think porn sites have credit card fraud?? and how often do they act on thee frauds??

We Answered:

Depends on where the site originates. I'd think overseas providers would be more able(and sometimes willing) to gaffe your info and make your life hell. Your Ad Here

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