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Philip Said:

how can i be caught if i download a credit card generator software?

We Answered:

When the card number bounces the merchant will file a fraud report. Your IP address and/or shipping address will be used to track you down.

Eva Said:

what will happen if I used credit card generators?

We Answered:

This is garbage. Credit card number generators DO NOT provide valid numbers that can be used for online purchases (or any other purchases). I am not sure what this is about but it is a scam and is definitely not true.

Vernon Said:

Use Credit Card Generator and go to jail?

We Answered:

Yes - it would be a crime and jail is more likely than a fine. However, it would probably be impossible to do anyway. The online generators are for creating test data and would not work to really purchase something.

The fake credit card generators you can access online generate valid 13 and 16 digit numers for Visa, Mastercard, Amex and most other major cards. By "valid" it means that the numbers are internally consistent with correct check digits and so are useful for doing things like testing e-commerce software.

HOWEVER, these numbers are NOT valid for genuine purchases. Although they are generated using genuine card creation algorithims, because of the instant communication between computers, a fake credit card number will be checked immediately and will ultimately fail as it will not be supported by detailed and complete appropriate bank records.

Several sites explain how the credit card number generation algorithms work, as well as how card number check digits function. See for example, the site referenced below. This also explains the difference between mathematically valid credit cards and functionally valid credit cards (HINT: you can do ecommerce testing with a mathematically valid credit card, but you need a functionally valid card in order to go shopping!)

Vickie Said:

I have a friend who used a credit card generator on the internet for free trials. Is it legal?

We Answered:

The algorithm for generating credit card numbers was published when credit card companies first introduced credit cards. There is nothing illegal about generating credit card numbers.…

However, trying purchase something by using credit card numbers that are generated is a felony.

Miriam Said:

what is a credit card generator?

We Answered:

number one it is very illegal and very stupid if you ever get one. The people who make them use that download as a way to access your computer. Once downloaded they could take over your computer and control wat your computer does.( download stuff, send emails you don't want sent ect.) Bad stuff just stay away from them. Yes it does make fake credit card numbers and is about a really long time in jail.

Nicole Said:

if i use a credit card Generator with an ip scrambler will i go to jail?

We Answered:

Assuming it actually works and you manage to purchase something with the fake credit card number -- yes, you could.

The police and credit card companies *do* have the ability to track you, even if you use what you think are untraceable methods. They're not. Your Ad Here

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gogo said:

wow heres me thinking this is legal and free hha nothing on lifes free i better not pres-sue this