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Credit Card Info Online

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Roberta Said:

why do they always charge a $1.00 to autorize a credit card online?

We Answered:

I think its because when you first put your info in they make sure it's good by charging just $1. Later on they take the right amount.

Byron Said:

what actually happen when you submit credit card info online?

We Answered:

Your credit card info is supposedly stored in secure encrypted fashion on Apple's servers.
A REALLY smart virus MAY be able to go through all your stored forms data, and retrieve the card number, but NOT at all likely.
Spyware could also forage for that forms data, but also not likely.

If you are paranoid, delete all your forms data after entering your credit card information.

The newest wave of credit card fraud MAY be coming from randomly generated card numbers

It's not clear how the numbers got in the hands of the people making the charge, but consumer advocates say it is most likely through either a data theft or someone using a computer to generate numbers.

Michelle Said:

Can I use my debit card instead of a credit card even though they ask you for a credit card info online?

We Answered:

if the debit card has a visa or mastercard logo on it the yes you may.

Stacy Said:

how is my credit card info processed online?

We Answered:

Typically - online - your credit card and information is entered into a 'secured' website (SSL), which encrypte the message - which can be de-encrypted (of sorts) by the payment gateway (only) - and from there sent into the authorization networks finding its way to your issuing bank - who checks your balance and grants either a 'status: open to buy' or a 'decline'. The order information (with out the full credit card information) is sent to the merchant. It never sees a human's eyes.

Billions a day go through this - very little to worry about - as the miniscule amounts that are hacked (and the media blows way out of proportion) isn't even 1/10 of 1%

Roy Said:

check credit card info online, with wachovia?

We Answered:

After enrolling in Online Banking, if you do not see your credit card account you may add it to Online Banking by using Show/Hide Accounts. To do so:

1. Go to
2. Log in with your User ID and Password
3. Click Show/Hide Accounts from the Preferences section of the Customer Service page
4. Select the credit card account that you want to see in the Accounts not in online banking box
5. Click the Add button. The credit card account should now be located in the Accounts in online banking box

Dustin Said:

when an online field says enter credit card info does that mean i can use my debit card?

We Answered:

Any debit card can work as a credit card as long as it has a visa/mastercard logo. Its just as safe/not safe than a credit card, it all depends on your bank and if they have fraud protection! Your Ad Here

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