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Credit Card Merchant Account Program

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Leslie Said:

please help i dont have contract copy and merchant is threatening me?

We Answered:

If he turns it over for collection, they can't eat you. It'll just show on your credit report.

Lewis Said:

What are the best merchant cards for building credit?

We Answered:

There are no merchant specific accounts that will do more than others. All you need is accounts that are reported regularly, preferably monthly like major credit cards. Right now don't apply for anymore lines of credit, you have more than enough and their not 'mature' as yet (min, 2 year) just keep up the perfect payment history for at least 2 years and you're good.

Kristin Said:

What is a good alternative to Quickbooks?

We Answered:

You may wish to consider Microsoft Office Accounting Professional (or Express) 2007. Test drive it and see if it fits your needs. It was specifically made to compete and take business from Quickbooks!

Allen Said:

what should i do? merchant threatening to take me to collection agency?

We Answered:

Read your agreement with him and see what it says, then take it to your attorney and sure him for breach of contract!

Deanna Said:

what should i do? merchant threatening to take me to collection agency?

We Answered:

You were taken. You could sue this company and expose their fraudulent ways. You could report them to your local "fair trading and business bureau," for this issue.

Suing would be throwing away your money. There is no point in spending $10,000 on lawyer fees, court fees etc just to get back $1000 from a lousy business owner, of which you are not even sure you'll get back because you might lose the case.

If I were you, I'd be looking for the fair-trading bureau and file a formal complaint about that organizations unscrupulous business practices. You could also claim that they are making false advertisements, of course have proof. This will definately get the authorities attention, though you must have proof so they get fined and reprimanded etc.

Agnes Said:

how do i put a merchant account on my site?

We Answered:

There's a lot involved so I can't give a thorough answer here but I can give you a good overview and then you can read the sources below for more information

1) You need to establish a merchant account. This usually takes around a week to complete and requires plenty of paperwork and a website to review.

2) You need to set up an account with a payment gateway like Authorize.Net. They act like the credit card terminal for your website.

3) You need to write code that connects your website to the payment gateway. Your Ad Here

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