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Credit Card Merchant Fees

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Phillip Said:

What is the average rate for a merchant to pay for credit card fees?

We Answered:

Fees associated with All Access® Prepaid Visa® Card

Annual Fee: $0
Cash Advance Fee: $2.00 for U.S. ATM transactions; $4.95 for international ATM
Minimum Deposit: $10
Application Fee: $9.95
Participation Fee: ($9.95 monthly) or optionally pay per transaction
Reload Fee: $0 for direct deposits or PayPal transfers, $4.95 for ACH or credit or debit card transfers; In person retail cash load fees vary by merchant location.
Inactive Fee: $5.95

The fees and benefits associated with All Access® Prepaid Visa® Card are totally at the discretion of issuing company and can change without notice. It is advised to read the terms and conditions carefully from the All Access® Prepaid Visa® Card website while making an application, to get the latest details about the offer. Read more about merchant services at:…

Frank Said:

which company offers cheap merchant fees for on site credit card use?

We Answered:

I would just go with Paypal, if I were you. You can ring the credit cards up on your computer by entering the number, and it goes directly into your paypal account, which you can transfer to your bank account within 24 hours of clearing. If you charge more then $10K in a month, the fees are only 1.9% versus 2.9% if less then $10K. Everyone else charges 4% of your transaction to process your credit card fees.

Definitely, go with Paypal. No monthlys, and you can send payments through email as well.

Hope this helps.

Gail Said:

Merchant fees for Credit card processing?

We Answered:

I use Simple Payment Systems. They give you the equipment for free and also free software to accept credit cards online.
The discount Rate is 1.79% and a .25 transaction fee. Example $100.00 transaction =$2.04 (Cost to business owner) $100.00=1.79%+.25=$2.04

Wayne Said:

Is a crime committed if an employee pays with her credit card for clients purchases?

We Answered:

Are they legitmate charges to your clients? Were the clients billed?

Remember there is lag time , look at your statements
when you make a purchase, sometimes it doesnt show that it was processed until the next day, for several ones.

One of them is that the merchant forgot to batch out.

Do you even know your only company policy?

What didyou say to him or her when she submitted the receipts to your accountant?

Or are you an employee looking for a way to get her fired or in trouble?

Why doesn't your company audit these transactions?

Why did your company accept the charges? Your Ad Here

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