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Credit Card Merchant Solutions

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Clara Said:

Has anyone heard of Summit Merchant Solutions?

We Answered:

They sign up a million people on commission and whoever gets an order gets paid. Most make next to nothing because there are so many credit card processing companies out there.

Ian Said:

When you set up merchant solutions, approximately how much do you pay monthly?

We Answered:

Shopping cart is something you can get for free (there are plenty of open-source scripts). Credit card processing fees vary by processor. There may or may not be a setup fee and/or a monthly fee; there definitely will be a per-transaction fee, which some processors assess as a fixed amount, others, as a percentage of transaction value, and yet others, as a combination of the two.

Tom Said:

which bank has the IVR Merchant credit card payment gateways?

We Answered:

As per my knowledge, it is ICICI bank

Lonnie Said:

What is the best merchant processing solution?

We Answered:

Hi I am new here and I am starting with your answerer. If you don't care about the customer leaving your site:
Amazon Payments (underrated in my opinion)
Google Checkout
If you need to seamlessly integrate a payment form in your site:
-PayPal Payments Pro ($30/month for a virtual terminal and API integration, no contracts, 2.9% transaction, it's really hard to find a merchant company that can beat this unless you're talking in volumes). coupled with the merchant company of your choice.
When evaluating a merchant company, beware of contract stipulations, transaction fees, and monthly fees. My first provider was Cardservice International (one of the largest) and I used LinkPoint for the online gateway. I was paying $60-80/month just for the service! (transaction fees excluded) AND I was locked in a 2-year contract with an insanely high cancellation fee. One of their fees was a mandatory $20 "customer service fee" for access to their 24/7 customer service team. (WTF?)
Just be careful when evaluating merchant companies. Try starting at your bank (as long as it's not Chase, BoA, or Wells Fargo). Generally, local community banks or credit unions will have fair pricing and good customer service for merchants.

Pauline Said:

good low cost credit card processing solution through the celluar phone?

We Answered:

Try contacting these guys. They do a lot with cell phone interfaces. Your Ad Here

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