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Credit Card Merchant Terminal

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Carla Said:

What is a good Credit Card Merchant? We already own a Credit Card terminal?

We Answered:

I would love to help you out. I am a manager at a credit card processor and I would love to offer my services to you. My company is Premier Merchant Processing ( We are registered with the Better Business Bureau and have excellent rates ans 24/7/365 live service. The terminal you have is one of my favorites and we can reprogram the machine at no cost. I can offer you a 1.59% (Qualified Rate) and $0.19 per transaction, a 2.38% on any key entered sales or rewards cards (Mid Qualified Rates), and a 3.00% flat on corporate cards (non qualified). We build the majority of our business by doing what is right by our clientele and building the relationship accordingly. Please give me a call at 866-725-8500 option 5 any time from Monday thru Friday 9AM-6PM EST. Even if I cannot help you out, I would be more than happy to educate you further on merchant processing in general or help answer any questions you may have.


Angel Said:

I have a charge on my credit card for MERCHANT PURCHASE TERMINAL 449813. How can I find out who this is?

We Answered:

not your problem -- just turn it over to the credit card company and let them worry about getting there money!!!

Duane Said:

When a customer signs a receipt authorizing a credit card charge, how long does a merchant have to log it?

We Answered:

Three business days.

Theresa Said:

Need Help Choosing Retail Credit Card Terminal and Processor?

We Answered:

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