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Credit Card Number Examples

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Sharon Said:

what will happen if you see someone's credit card number?

We Answered:

If they see the number and all the details on the card then yes, theoretically they could use it to pay transactions. However, credit card transactions can easily be traced and most people know this. When identity theives go after somoneone's identity they start with a social security number and then have credit cards in the person's name sent to their home. If the credit card has ONLY been in the hands of the thief, it makes the recovery job a bit harder.

I wouldn't be too concerned about a clerk seeing your credit card, you really aren't in that much danger. Plus, if something like that were to occur, most credit card companies allow for you to call them and dispute a transaction and then they freeze the card.

Any responsible person should always keep a close eye on their finances and credit reports, but in this day and age our infomration is everywhere. Your Ad Here

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