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Credit Card Number Generation

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Edwin Said:

How can I get songs on my ipod for free? (10 points!)?

We Answered:

uhm. i have a shuffle and i use limewire(basic) to download my songs for free. Download the itunes from the CD that they gave you because you have to transfer your songs downloaded from limwire to itunes.

Elmer Said:

problem with itunes?

We Answered:

If you go to the store and buy itunes giftcards you can buy however many songs it lets you with it and you dont need a credit card

Ivan Said:

What are your Credit Tips ?

We Answered:

Always pay more than the minimum payment.

Willie Said:

How to exclude self from class action against MBNA without providing my credit card number?

We Answered:

I don't have the answer. However, I'm worried about another possibility: that this is a total scam.

It's possible there is no lawsuit at all and that this is a scam designed to get credit card numbers. A more obvious scam would be if you had to provide your card number to STAY IN the lawsuit - but perhaps the thieves are being very clever, hoping to suck in a smaller, less visible minority of numbers.

Upon examining the PDF file on that site, you are told that you cannot contact MBNA and that they are not allowed to comment on the lawsuit. This to me is a huge red flag. It reeks of scam artists trying to ensure that MBNA will never know about this.

I would strongly recommend that every card holder disregard the instructions, and report this so-called lawsuit and its website to MBNA immediately, at The worst that can happen is that they won't respond, or that the lawsuit will turn out to be legit. The best that can happen is that another set of credit card crooks will end up behind bars where they belong.

Arnold Said:

Do you need credit cart to make itunes account for ipod touch?

We Answered:

You need to have a credit card or some type of money card.
iTunes won't necessarily charge it for things, but in order to create an account you have to have a card number to use for setup.
Or what you could do (what I did) is go to your bank, get a money gift card, put some cash on it via the bank, and use it to download things. It will work much the same as a credit card.

Ida Said:

Ipod Touch Store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

We Answered:

You have to set up a credit card or paypal account. Tell her to buy a pre paid visa or mastercard. they work just as well without risking your info. Your Ad Here

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