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Credit Card Number Generators

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Carol Said:

What is a Credit Card number generator?

We Answered:

The first two answers are correct, but incomplete.

Many years ago, early websites or automated telephone systems would request a credit card number for making payment and gaining access. For example, to place a long-distance phone call or access a gaming site or porn.

In these times, the companies would immediately consult the credit card company for an authorization code because that process wasn't automated. Instead, they would run the customer-supplied number through a mathematical formula to determine if the card was POSSIBLY valid. Card numbers are not issued sequentially, so the issuers skip numbers. The mathematical check was a quick and easy way to accept a card.

Today, most card transactions are processed automatically and if the merchant doesn't get an authorization code, the card is rejected outright.

I never knew these were illegal.

Fernando Said:

What's the purpose of a CREDIT CARD NUMBER GENERATOR?

We Answered:

The legitimate purpose is to validate whether a given number is valid for the bank and card company that reputedly issued it. It's faster than actually running the card for verification. The illegitimate (and very illegal) purpose is to commit credit card fraud.

Just having one is enough to get someone arrested or at least seriously investigated if you have no legitimate reason to have it.

A not uncommon purpose for them is to catch thieves. A police department or fraud investigator puts one online on a "warez" site or on a P2P download site and then tracks the IP addresses of everyone that downloads it. Then they "sting" the people that downloaded it hoping to catch at least one that actually used it. Pretty slick and sneaky trick indeed.

Travis Said:

What if I don't have a credit card and it asks for a credit card number?

We Answered:

Not that I know of. If you have a bank card (like a debit card) you can use that though. I don't deal with credit cards so I always have to use my bank card. It's really hard to order things online or do a lot of things online without either a credit card or bank card. You just have to get one or another. Your Ad Here

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