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Credit Card Numbers List

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Shane Said:

In a list of credit card numbers, looking at the first 4 digits of any of them, which is Visa, M/C or Amex ?

We Answered:

American Express begins with a 3
Visa begins with a 4
MasterCard begins with a 5
Discover card begins with a 6

The second, third, and fourth digit tell which bank has issued the card.

Stacey Said:

i jus signed up for a forclosure listing service on the phone and gave them my credit card numbers was i wrong

We Answered:

Yes you could have subscribed to the County Paper in which county that you wanted to purchase Forclosures and read thru the Legal sections possibly at a fraction of the cost.

Theresa Said:

credit card has a transaction code beside the charge?

We Answered:

If you think the charge is an error, you have the right to dispute it. Contact your credit card company and tell them you want to dispute a charge. Many credit card companies allow you to dispute a chrge on their website, too.

They are obligated to investigate your dispute. If you did not charge the item, they will remove it from your account.

Veronica Said:

Please Tell me Credit Card Usage?

We Answered:

I'm in the US. I have a Citi "Platinum Select". I pay no fee and they pay me a rebate of 1% of everything I spend on it.

Some credit card ads talk about the prestige but I don't know of anybody who believes this. When I am with someone and they are paying with a credit card, they don't show me their credit card, so there is no way for me to be impressed. Nobody I know cares if the shop assistant at the cash register notices.

George Said:

Anyone have a SEARS credit card, or know someone?

We Answered:

Those calls are probably generated because somewhere along the lines you said (or checked the box) allow to contact me. I get the same type of calls. Just tell them your not interested and HANG UP. You haven't been hacked, they are pulling your info from a national data base. Tell the next one that calls "I'm not interested and please remove me from your calling list". That should stop the calls from them.

Bradley Said:

How on earth do I repair my credit?

We Answered:

It is not possible to repair your credit, especially overnight. Improving your credit takes time and discipline. I don't think you made a mistake in paying off the smallest balances first. I always counsel people to pay off the smallest to the highest. This way you feel some sense of accomplishment. I would also caution you not to close all of your credit accounts. Keep the oldest one open, this will show an established credit history.

First of all, after pulling your credit report make sure you review completely. Mark those items that are incorrect and contact the credit bureaus and dispute those items. Second, find items that are older than 7 years, and contact the bureau and ask that those items be removed. Also, if you have proof that this judgement was lowered and paid, send a letter with a copy of this information to the bureaus and ask that this item be removed from your credit report.

Whatever you do, do not pay someone to repair your credit. First of all, it can't be done, and in my state it is against the law. Credit repair companies claim they can fix your credit, but they cannot do it, they flood the credit bureau with letters, the bureau will then remove the information from your report, normally only for 30 days, but when your creditor re-reports your account informatioon the following month it will show back up. And you will be right back where you started, only poorer because you paid the repair company their fee.

Be patient, it will take 6 months to a year to repair any damage to your report. Stay current on your accounts and do not over extend yourself. Close as many accounts as you can, except for the oldest ones, if they are in good standing. If you have any newer accounts in good standing, keep those too.

Rita Said:

How do credit card companies know of fraudulent activity?

We Answered:

The banks look for unusual patterns of card use. Your Ad Here

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Morgan said:

What do the numbers mean on a credit card?

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