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Credit Card Numbers That Work

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Sidney Said:

Credit card fraud with confirmation numbers..?

We Answered:

Generally the Merchant confirmation numbers you receive from the bank are not related to credit card numbers. They are transaction numbers. They are a way to verify that the merchant did obtain a valid card transaction verification and validation.

Check your receipts to determine if the full credit card number is printed on the receipt or just the last 4 to 6 numbers which is the national trend. If your receipts have full credit card numbers, then any receipts the customer can get a hold of could enable her to commit fraud.

Are you concerned about return for cash fraud?
IF you suspect she is not who she claims to be and you suspect she is committing fraud on the credit card, you can call the credit card company which will reward you IF YOU ARE CORRECT. Rewards vary, but usually range from $25 to $100.00. Rewards are often checks made out to the clerk who makes the report depending on the store policies.

Barry Said:

Do I have to have a credit card to have a "donate now" button on my website?

We Answered:

Yes you can have a Button but you will have to have a Merchant Account set through a processor. Once the people donate you get your funds in 48 to 72 Hours. Feel free to contact me I can help with this.

Elizabeth Said:

When writing the ATM number, don't they accept the credit card numbers of the Saudi banks!? Paypal help too

We Answered:

Don't use the ATM number. You have to use a credit card number. Your bank can issue you a credit card. You can also buy from banks cards that you can use online like a credit card.

Lots of people use ebay. I don't know whether Paypal works with Saudi banks yet.

Reginald Said:

How do I retreive my old credit card # information if I already cut it up and thrown away?

We Answered:

You can get your credit report by mail if you send them a copy of your driverse license and other identification information (SSI #, Date of birth, etc....)

Usually, only TransUnion makes you jump through those hoops.

The link below has the address, and a downloadable for, you can fill out and mail in. It takes about 2 weeks. Your Ad Here

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You can either call or go to the bank directly. I just spoke to a customer service representative yesterday. I'm on my way to get my bank statement so that I can get my hospital bills verified and all cleared up.

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Nowadays news related to credit card frauds is increasing. So we must be very careful while handling credit or debit cards. I think proper awareness class should be provided to all the credit card users . Thank you for providing this valuable information.

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Now days we receive lot of fake calls in the name of verification. It is not wise to transfer credit card info or debit card info through phone. No bank will call you or inquire your card details through phone. So never disclose such important details.

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Since the news related to the credit card frauds is increasing day by day, this piece of information is very useful to all. We should be always keep alert to not to become a victim of these activities. Keep updating more useful news like this.

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