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Credit Card Payment Authorization

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Ashley Said:

Bank notification of credit card authorization denial?

We Answered:

They do not have to notify the card holder just the merchant trying to initiate the transaction. It always comes down to money...the merchant is most always charged a flat rate- usually about 15 to 20 cents for trying to just charge/debit the card. The card holder is charged nothing in your case and so no notification is then required. Had the transaction been completed by a known suspect merchant or the sale was very high for that vendors average sale then the credit union that issued the card would need to contact you.

Terri Said:

can a Canadian bank withdraw a payment for a credit card without authorization?

We Answered:

yes they can. they can legally take a percentage of your balance to cover unpayed debts. happened to me after my divorce. my ex had a card i did not know about but was also in my name. i inquired about it and was showed paperwork showing the bank's legal right to do it.

Tanya Said:

Can you reuse a Credit Card Authorization code for a new transaction?

We Answered:

No. The authorization code was for that transaction. You would have to process their card again for a new charge. If you do it without their authorization it will be charged back and you'll have extra fees to pay.

Anthony Said:

My kids gym is mandating providing a credit/debit card - can they do this?

We Answered:

Yes, actually it is. Company's can do this so they don't have people not paying and they lose money.

Daniel Said:

Third party Credit card Authorization System for a website?

We Answered:

Paypal, That's what I use.
There's no setup fee whatsoever, In fact, to verify your bank account they actually pay you!!! LOL.
Granted, it's under a buck.
Paypal is the best thing out there.

Doris Said:

Can someone get money out of my credit card without a credit card authorization form?

We Answered:

i will suggest you to contact the company and inform about the details if your unsatisfied with their response or the answer then you can file a potential fraud on those organization
i think they will issue a new card Your Ad Here

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