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Credit Card Processing Gateway

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Herbert Said:

Looking for a merchant and a gateway to preocess credit card for my porn site.?

We Answered:

I can understand why you would like to stay away from CC bill.

We provide merchant services in the adult industry, and other high risk businesses, through a traditional merchant account and gatway.

We are more like a broker and will shop multiple processors for you to negotiate the best price and options.

You can get a free quote from us by following the link below:

Tina Said:

What is a good Online Payment Gateway company to use if you're operating abroad?

We Answered:

You might have to stick with PayPal if they are available. they have shopping cart features as well. Check them out.

Terry Said:

Accepting Credit Card with my PHP shopping cart?

We Answered:

1. I use
2. is, yes.
3. No. it is relatively easy if you have experience doing it. Your Ad Here

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