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Credit Card Processing Payments

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Ashley Said:

What Merchant Credit Card Processing Services Do I Need To Accept Payments Online?

We Answered:

Hi. I had the same decision to make when I was starting my online business so I know what problems you are facing.

At first I used paypal, but then my sales were increasing very quickly and I knew I needed to switch to a merchant account/payment gateway setup to handle the larger volume.

I came across this website, and they really helped me learn a lot. There's plenty of information on their pages and I discovered so much about how all this works with processing credit cards. Their FAQ section is definitely worth a look.

I'm not recommending you sign up with them in anyway, but I did contact them and was able to get all my questions about merchant credit card processing answered from a real live person. That was pretty cool.

I eventually went with a different company, but at least I was armed with much more knowledge than when I first started.

I'm thankful to say that my business and sales have been doing well and making the switch was, to me, a good choice. You'll have to determine for yourself if and when you will make the switch.

One thing though, if your volume of sales is not enough to cover the costs of processing fees, then I would go with paypal and just wait till it does.

Hope that helps and good luck!

Joann Said:

Online Credit Card Payments ?

We Answered:

You will need to apply for a merchant account and ask for a "virtual terminal". This will allow you to manually key enter your customers credit card information in. If you want to allow your customers to type in their own information, you will need to apply for a merchant account gateway.

Dwight Said:

Does anyone know of a credit card payment processing company geared for phone sex operators?

We Answered:

cc bill will handle 'adult transactions' i have a client using them for a similar endeavor.

Ricky Said:

How do I process credit card payments through Paypal over the phone?

We Answered:

THEY have to though paypal and usisng your email;
that how they pay you
you cant do it by phone

Dennis Said:

What all do I need besides a processing gateway to accept credit card payments?

We Answered:

The link you provided would do everything you need. The rates and fees are average so you won't be getting screwed and the company is very large so you know they aren't going to be going away any time soon. If you are looking for someone to do everything for you then this would be a wise choice.

If you wanted to see if you can do better, and that is possible, you can shop around and see what other companies have to offer. I've linked to a worksheet that will make comparing competitors easy for you do to as well as some educational material.

Look at the rates in that link you provided. Don't even consider any rates higher then that. Try to make sure you do not get charged a monthly minimum fee and also do your best to find a month-to-month contract. You don't want to get locked into a long term contract with a high cancellation fee.

Sally Said:

What factors will I consider when looking for a credit card processing company?

We Answered:

Do not lease credit card equipment or software it is a complete rip off. Buy it or get it for free.
FREE equipment
NO application fee
NO start up cost
NO annual fee
Low or NO monthly minimum
Low discount rate
Low transaction fee- (batch fee it is also called)
FREE training for you and all your employees.
Length of time you are paid in your account.

Also beware on websites that do not post their discount rates and transaction fees.And no phone numbers to call them. This is because they give different people different quotes, and don't want people to call the company.Very sneaky companies do that. I have done tons of research on this.

Read ALL contracts before you sign them.Protect you and your business.Don't just go by what someone tells you. Because there are too many people out there that tell you one thing and then you sign with them.Later to find out everything they said was not true at all. So be carefull! Take your time, don't be fooled or taken advantage of.

The processing company I use is Simple Payment Systems. They beat all quotes from other companies, and I never ever had a problem with them. They give you free software with a shopping cart to sell online and free credit card equipment of your choice!
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