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Credit Card Protection Internet

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Cody Said:

Why credit card companies does not provide password protection? So any internet based transation

We Answered:

I recently undertook a transaction with an airline company and there was a slight problem with my credit card/address. My company - Visa - contacted me shortly afterwards and I now have a password which will be used by various companies who subscribe to the scheme. I now have a password for any transactions that I may undertake. Why not get on to your credit card issuers and take it up with them? After all, you're doing them a favour in attempting to stop fraud and the loss from their coffers. Their coffers are awfully deep though!

Marilyn Said:

How do I know that I'm getting full protection when I give my credit card number out on the internet?

We Answered:

if you do not feel comfortable then use a nother wll known site like amazon
or what ever
why risk your CC on a unknown site?

James Said:

Can changing my credit card number, with the same credit card company, give me some protection?

We Answered:

Protect you against what? If you've had no problems, why change the account number?

Duane Said:

What exactly happens when a person's internet connection doesn't have any firewall protection?

We Answered:

it becomes very easy for hackers to get into your pc and cause all kind sof mayhem.Best to have your firewall up and running
at all times along with a good strong anti-virus program
I hope this helps

Stanley Said:

When secure information is given over internet, how do you "clear" "cache" aIfterward for personal protection?

We Answered:

On Internet Explorer, go to Tools (at the top by File, Edit, etc.) Click Internet Options.
On the General tab (usually the first one that comes up), click Delete Files.

On Mozilla Firefox, Press Ctrl+Shift+Del
Click the checkbox for Cache
Click OK

Chester Said:

Old Laptop: What kind of internet protection do I need?

We Answered:

If you use a router, it has its' own firewall. If you have XP or later it also has the Windows firewall which is as good as any, and better than most.For anti-spyware and virus use AVg free. Do NOT use Spybot, it is a heavy load on the machine and on an older machine can make it almost unusable. A good additional protection is to download the free trial form and update it fairly regularly. It is no load on the system, as it is only a scanner. If anything does get in from a bad download it may stop you downloading, if you already have malwarebytes you can run a scan and repair. Do not run any other so-called performance enhancers, most of these are so heavy on resources they actually slow the machine. ccleaner.exe is a good registry scanner for cleaning up. Keep it simple. Get AVG from, ccleaner from to be safe. Your Ad Here

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there was a slight problem with my credit card/address.

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dish network said:

That is one thing you have to be worried about. Your details are not safe whatever you do. Hackers can get access to your data and steal all your money. They will trick you into telling them your bank details. Don't get fooled.