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Credit Card Protection Uk

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Vernon Said:

UK ONLY: Will we be protected if our airline goes bust and we pay by credit card?.......?

We Answered:

Any credit card purchase over 100 can be reclaimed from the credit card issuer by law if the goods are defective or the service provider fails.

So, you are ok if the airline goes bust. But you'll still have to make your own way home because they only refund your money, they do not provide an ATOL type repatriation service.

Yes, you must keep the card "alive" until you are absolutely sure that you don't need it again. Personally, I would hang on to it and use it about once or twice a year, even if it's only to buy petrol. This is so that you keep "good faith" with the company and it maintains your Credit Rating.

You will have a period of grace between receiving the Credit Card statement (bill) and the date when payment must be made. If you wait a while before paying then you will gain extra interest on your money in the bank.

You do not have to have the company's card protection insurance to have the "safety net". This is just an additional protection just in case you lose your job and can't pay off a monthly bill.

Kimberly Said:

(UK) My Girlfriend has a 3,000 debt on credit cards, please help!?

We Answered:

Perhaps she should take out a bank loan for 3,000 and repay the card. The interest on teh loan will be less and she will see the balance go down each month if she just pays as much as she is paying now. It might be even cheaper if you, if you wanted to, took out the loan

Jeffery Said:

What is the best Irish/UK credit card to use abroad?

We Answered:

This is easy. Get your credit card from Nationwide. They are the only UK issuer they do not charge you a commission for using your card abroad.
Remember though to always pay in the local currency and not in Sterling (otherwise you'll attact a DCC charge).

Nationwide actually lose money on the foreign transactions - they have to pay Visa a 1% conversion fee!

Most of their competitiors charge 2.75% commission!

Stacey Said:

To whom do I report these thieving cretins?

We Answered:

Stop E Mailing and ring them. (there should be a number on the website, if not i would ring a local HMV store and ask for a contact number) Tell them you are not putting up with it anymore and you want a FULL refund. It is illegal for them to refuse, you have paid for goods which you havent received so they are in breach of contract. Tell them they have x no of days to refund your money or you will be calling trading standards, THAT should get them moving. No company wants bad press Good luck xx

Lucy Said:

Has any one ever had problems withdrawing money from overseas ATM using a nat west debit card, maestro/cirrus?

We Answered:

My card is a maestro/cirrus, from an Irish bank, not from nat west. I didn't know I needed to notify anyone I would be using it abroad, and had no problem using it in Australia six months ago. I couldn't be sure of that before I arrived there, so brought some sterling notes with me just in case. And I didn't need them after all. Do you think the problem could be solely connected with nat west?

Lorraine Said:

What does mean by digital merchandise in their A-to-Z protection?

We Answered:

Ring up your bank account's 24 hour service.
halifax= 08457 20 30 40
have your sort code and account number handy.
Ask if an amazon order has been placed.
Quote the price.
Then contact amazon via email/phone.
If there is a problem.
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