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Credit Card Rebate Offer

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Leah Said:

Can I buy a Sony Playstation 3 at a store and still redeem the credit card rebate offer? play station?

We Answered:

I think that it only works on the SONY website... To make sure, I think that you should contact them and ask.

Hope this helps!!

Debra Said:

What is best Visa/Mastercard prepaid/debit card?

We Answered:

Visa is what other nations take, so if you want to place an order overseas sometime that might be your best option.

I have a credit card in my name that my mom keeps for some reason. I've used it once or twice for Amazon books, and otherwise I've not bothered with it.

I have enough hospital bills, and future student loan bills, I don't want to owe on credit cards also. I pay everything in cash.

Chrys knows what she is talking about.

Jamie Said:

Where could i go online to find a (comparison) ton of gas credit cards that offer great rebates?

We Answered:

Um, if that were possible, none of us would get a hoot how high the gas prices are climbing. But do do give a hoot, so...dream on.

Greg Said:

Which credit card offers the best rebates for shoppings and at eateries?

We Answered:

For dining, I'd say it's a toss up between the following banks:
Citibank - Gourmet Pleasures
DBS - Indulge
UOB - Dining Privleges

Based on the best all year round offers, most creative tactical offers, including 1 for 1 deals, and a very wide range of 'nicer' restaurants.

Worst: OCBC - has dodgy establishments, including coffeeshop cze czar type places

p.s. Sorry, not much of a shopaholic.

Anne Said:

Where can I get the best credit card that offers cash rebate on gas?

We Answered:

The best gas rebate credit card is the Discover Open Road Card. Discover Open Road Card is the only gas card that gives you 5% Cashback Bonus for your gas and auto maintenance purchases. You can also earn up to 1% Cashback Bonus on all other purchases automatically and 0% Intro APR on purchases & balance transfers for 12 months. You can save tons of money if you use this card every time you buy gasoline. To learn more or apply for this card or other gas credit card, go here: Your Ad Here

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