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Credit Card Special Offer

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Jim Said:

what all banks offer a credit card for students?What are the requirements?

We Answered:

Ahm I got mine from NHBS, Inc

pretty good programs

Stacey Said:

I was sent a credit card from capital1 when I was under 18. Is it illegal to post anything on my creditreport?

We Answered:

While you generally can't be held responsible for a credit card issued to you as a minor, if you continued to use it or make any payments on it after you turned 18, that constitutes a constructive ratification of the debt. In that case, you are both responsible for the debt AND it can go into your credit report back to the issue date.

Tracey Said:

I took a 3 month subscription for a special Ł3 for Which magazine, and paid on the phone with my credit card?

We Answered:

they are a con phone up your bank you have your
credit card with and up hold payments to them
if you phoned them for there free computer guide
liked i did i told them i don't want which magazine
i want the free one if you gave them your credit card
details you have subscribed to them,!!

Glenda Said:

Chase credit card (special offer)?

We Answered:

I have the same program and it sometimes takes a couple of billing statements for the points to show up. That is because they want to make certain that you don't return an item and that you pay your bill before they credit your point account. It is in the very, tiny, fine print on the offer.

Sheila Said:

How do you like the American Express Bank of America Rewards credit card?

We Answered:

It's good news folks for all Bank of America fans. Open your arms to receive the Rewards American Express Card from Bank of America. What makes this credit card special is that it will be readily accepted across the global network of American Express . Proudly called the Bank of America - Rewards™ American Express Card, it brings together the goodness of both the Bank of America and American Express. Let us look at some of its features.

Basic features highlights

1. 0% Introductory APR (Annual Percentage Rate) on balance transfers and cash advance checks for first 12 billing cycles.
2. Low fixed interest rates after the introductory rate has expired.
3. No annual fee.
4. Option to pay over time.
5. Emergency services such as replacement of prescription, physicians, hospitals, and referrals as well as legal referral services.
6. Extended warranty protection on purchases from scheduled outlets
7. Insurances for accident, damage and rental loss, while traveling
8. Protection against damage or theft of the card
Apply online at:…

Gina Said:

0% purchase credit card - looking for offer online - suggestions?

We Answered:

Washington Mutual or Household Bank. 0% offers are usually for balance transfers though, not purchases.

Tony Said:

I just sold a game to gamestop and got credit in the EDGE card... does it give you anything special?

We Answered:

No, You just got credit. Your discount edge card would have a yellow barcode taped to it that would show that you got special offers. But no if you just turned in a game for money you did not get anything special just money.

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turmeric curcumin said:

Great info. Thanks for this, currently planning to have a credit card and was looking for special offers.