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Credit Card With Guaranteed Approval

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Edwin Said:

How can I get a credit card with not so great credit and without having to pay or enter in my bank account inf?

We Answered:

Ok I will recommend capital one. Most people say Capital One is bad(I beg to differ, they've been good to me). They gave me my first credit card with an annual fee of $39 and a credit limit of $1000. After 3 months of consecutive payments they raised it to $1500 and then in January, its ready to get raised to $2000. They will be good to you, if you are good to them. Lately, I've been getting offers to apply for Bank of America, Chase, and some other banks but I tell them to go to hell. They want me now that i have good credit.

Note: there is a high chance that if you apply to any of the cards on the link below, that you will get a 7-10 letter message. But they usually approve it since you get a card in the mail 7-10 days later. I got approved instantly. Hurry, before the credit card act kicks in.

Edit: please don't go to orchardbank, they are the ones that guarantee approval and give you a 250 limit and then charge you like 170 worth of fees and you end up with 80 credit limit. Your Ad Here

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