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Credit Card With No Annual Fee

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Corey Said:

Credit card, no annual fee, plus free round trip flight?

We Answered:

You could try toys r us instant credit card. We have no annual fees, and we also gave you reward points. You'll get 4 pt for every $1 purchases you make and all you need to do is save up to 1000 points to the 10 dollar off coupon. You could also earn points outside the store by buying anything with your card. You will also get a 10% off coupon when you sign up which will only take a few minutes off your time. You could use the 10% coupon anytime and for all day long. It's a great offer.

Carole Said:

Should I close annual fee credit cards?

We Answered:

The short answer is to go ahead and close the cards. Since these are 'starter' cards, I am betting that you dont have a high limit on them. IF you dont, and your other cards are not charged over 30% utilization, you should be good.

A couple of things here: Credit reporting agencies factor in the age of your accounts, and their utilization in giving you a 'credit score' - you dont want to close old accounts that have good records - in this case, old means 10-15 years, so this doesnt apply here. Also, you want to make sure your overall and individual card utilization does not exceed 30%, as I understand that at that point your score starts to drop due to 'over utilization of credit'. In fact, I have received rejections on credit apps due to this - so it does hurt to be 'over utilized'. Save the $60 and pay your other cards down, if they arent already below 30%.... .

Steve Said:

Will canceling my credit card get me out of paying an annual fee?

We Answered:

It sounds like you will still owe it. The only good news is that they usually charge the fee up-front at the start of each year, which covers you for the next full year. So the fee you paid on the first statement of this 12 month period is LIKELY, depending on your card's rules, to have already been paid (so you don't have to cough up another $60 -- small blessings!)

Marshall Said:

What is a decent, no-annual fee credit card that accumulates points/miles?

We Answered:

I have had a LLOYDS Visa card for 20 years, used it to pay business expenses of about $300.000 each year for about 8 years and have never ever used up those points! lol I think they do expire, do they? :) must be worth a TON if they are still there.

Good luck finding one anyway.

Jennifer Said:

Should I try to negotiate away this annual credit card fee? What are the strategies?

We Answered:

My strategy would be 'Good day sir. There is one of two thing you can help me with today. Its your choice. I'd like you to waive your annual fee or cancel my credit card'. Though it's hardly worth hassle really for a $500 limit. I don't see why you want more than one credit card anyway, it sounds like a good way to get yourself into financial trouble. I have one credit card, which is payed automatically every month from my main account so I never pay any interest. What more could you need ? Your Ad Here

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