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Credit Card Without Credit History

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Ann Said:

How to get a credit Card without any credit history?

We Answered:

If you never had a credit card, it will be better if you apply after building your credit. In the current economic scenario, it is very tough to get a good credit card without credit history. Here are some ways to establish your credit history:

1)Take out a small loan using the savings account as collateral, and then pay it back. This will help you for establishing your credit history.
2)Apply for a secured credit card. Using a secured credit card is an easy way to build your credit rating. Pay your credit card balances on time. After a few months of having the secured credit card, apply for an unsecured card.

Theodore Said:

Get a credit card without credit history?

We Answered:

A life without credit cards is unimaginable. But, people with bad credit face a lot of rejections when the apply for credit cards. This humiliating experience can be quite taxing. It's not that credit card companies don't issue credit cards to bad credit people, they do. But, finding the right credit card can be a daunting task if you have to run from bank to bank and hear a big No from a majority of them. So, how to reduce this burden and get a credit card for bad credit easily? Apply online is the answer. The benefits listed below will reinforce this statement.

1. No personal rejections

While applying online you don't have to face anybody. Just fill in a form and wait for an email or call. No, humiliating rejections to face personally. Everything is communicated in a way which is more easy to cope with. Read nore about it at:Ö

Josephine Said:

How did Paris Hilton get a credit card but normal everyday people cannot without a credit history?

We Answered:

Two words - Amex Hilton

Joseph Said:

Can you have credit history without owning a credit card?

We Answered:

You can have a credit history without a credit card. However, to establish a credit history, you do have to borrow money. A debit card will not do it. An auto loan, home loan, student loan, personal loan are all ways to establish credit without a credit card. A credit card is perhaps the easiest way to establish credit. For much more information about credit, credit bureaus and credit scoring, check out

Enrique Said:

How does someone get a credit card with no credit history or are they doomed for life?

We Answered:

apply for a card from First Premier, Orchard, or Capital One.

if that doesn't work, then, go to your bank and ask for a secured credit card. that means you put down some money or collateral for however much you are asking for a credit limit......

Edith Said:

Credit card without credit history and no annual fees?

We Answered:

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Discuss It! said:

Credit history can be a dangerous thing to do and we should remain far from it. I’ve had a good credit history, but I cleared my recent and closed my card.

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