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Debit Credit Card Machine

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Anthony Said:

How does a credit/debit card reader machine work?

We Answered:

You don't see it but it is there. It's normally just through a phone jack. You can even hear the modem dialing out sometimes.

Brett Said:

whats the best rates(or prices) on credit card/ debit machine?

We Answered:

Go with a Credit Union.
Compare the CU to the bank. You'll be happy.

Billy Said:

Credit/Debit card swipe machine at work has too many horizontal lines. What causes that? How to clear it up?

We Answered:

These horizontal lines are a result of the display failing. This sort of failure is characteristic of a Passive Matrix LCD panel. There is really no easy way to repair this other than replacing the screen (if that's even possible), so I would suggest replacing the machine (unless you know somewhere that will service it for less than the cost of a new machine). Next time, look for a machine with an Active Matrix LCD. They tend to be a little more resilient (if a little more power hungry) and they don't suffer from this type of failure.

Dale Said:

I want to get a debit/credit card machine. Moneris the best way to go?

We Answered:

it is a very competitive business. watch for hidden extra fees and charges. shop around, check the internet and negotiate with the one you feel comfortable with, using the prices you have found elsewhere.

First Data Corp was the big provider when I used to do Credit cards.

Joel Said:

How do you set up a credit card/debit card machine for your business?

We Answered:

Call your bank and let them know that you are interested. They will send someone out before you can say "And how will you be paying for that, sir?".

Ella Said:

Is it legal for a retail store to add a surcharge or fee if you use a credit or debit card?

We Answered:

In the US, it's a violation of the merchant contract for a MasterCard, Visa, or Discover merchant to charge customers more for the use of the card.

However, it's legal for them to give a *discount* for paying cash.

In some places outside the US, including Mumbai, such a surcharge is legal. Your Ad Here

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