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Download Credit Card Number Generator

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Joel Said:

how to download an itunes code generator?

We Answered:

There's no such thing as a legal iTunes Code Generator, period. Your legal 'code' is your Credit Card, or Gift Card, number.

If you're trying to find a way to "acquire" stuff from the iTunes Store without paying for it, your question is illegal. If not, your question is way too vague. Please re-post it and clarify:

What are you actually trying to do, and, why do you think you even need a "Code Generator" (whatever that is)?

Ida Said:


We Answered:

Are Wii points generators even real? Think about it..If someone actually successfully made a Wii points generator..why would he be stupid enough to tell the world about it? I would just keep to myself and sell all the Wii points digitally on ebay or something. I would be rich dude! Why would I tell the world about it and give away copies of my generator for free for filling out surveys? It's all lies buddy! Just scams. Stay away from stuff like that unless you want to viruses to mess up your computer. Don't be gullible

EDIT : The guy who commented after me clearly doesn't know what a Wii points generator is..and that if someone actually created one its super illegal. A Wii points generator is a program that generates usable Wii points codes with out having to pay money for them. Um thats illegal...

better yet just look for a credit card number money to use on whatever you want..

Regina Said:

How do I get the "auto-fill" feature back on my computers toolbar?

We Answered:

Many options for autofill

Yahoo doesnt have Autofill for their Toolbar, nor does it have Spellcheck,

I do use Autofill by using a program called ROBOFORM. and there is are a a few Comparable programs that I have found and used that do the same thing.

I have listed it's best features and as you can see there are many!

The Free program allows for 10 saved passwords, but it is fully functioning for Autofill and You can get your forms filled in 1 click.

The Browsers listed below - All have autofill and work perfectly with Roboform, or you can just use their function alone.

You can get these TABBED Browsers - that have autofill
Avant IE Based,tabbed
OrcaBrowser, Firefox based -tabbed

IE Based: Tabbed
on other IE based browsers such as SlimBrowser Love this browser
, CrazyBrowser Same as AM
, MSN, MyIE, etc.

-to name a few- and they are Really good I use them. all - I like a variety!
Avant , Maxthon also have online storage
GreenBrowser has autofill and they are IE based.

Orca is like Avant but it is Firefox based tabbed browser with autofill and storage.
or You can download a different toolbar - one being Google or Inbox

and there is a great program available for Autofill. of passwords, and safenotes

Roboform CutePassWord

1-Click Login: Logs you into online bank sites with a single click.
Form Filler: Fills forms on online shopping sites you visited.
Bookmark Manager: Storages your favorite websites.
Better protect and manage your online accounts

Password Management: Create/modify/delete/clone your web accounts.
AES Encryption: Encrypts your web accounts with strong encryption.
Password Generator: Generates strong passwords for you.
Backup / Restore Utility: Backsup and Restores your web accounts more easier.

Create strong passwords, knowing you only have to remember one.
Log into your favorite sites with a single click
Fill forms in a second; stop pulling out your wallet to get your credit card number
Access and manage your data from multiple computers seamlessly
Securely share logins and notes with friends and let others share with you

i have tried them all!

The Key Features are awesome
1. Taskbar icon and Menu Bar Icon - eliminates need for another toolbar
>>> this helps launch the program that can sit there in the taskbar.
2. Form-fill on 1 click and / or Form/filll and submit!--
3. Password Manager 1 click login!
4. Safenotes (save bits of information for later use or repeated information eliminates the need to retype
5. Can decide on Upper or Lower Toolbar

Premium account - Online access to All
-> Passcards and safenotes
-> Save Bookmarks and sync them with Online account.
-> Program Icons in Toolbar for IE and Firefox
-> Context Menu - easy access to launch toolbar

- Download to a USB and take Passwords and information with you OR SD card
. Great and Fast Customer service
. ALSO you can save Bookmarks and then sync them to your Roboform online account for free.
Integrates into MANY browsers! (listed above)

The nice part is these programs does integrate into your Browsers and I have discovered that almost all 3 are about the same
I am more familiar with Roboform,
Free program everyday and this is not spam! Great programs.

Here is a video to preview the function…

click in upper r hand corner

Form-Fill-Pro 1.00.001 by Easy Software Ltd…

Form-Fill-Pro holds all your personal details like name, address, phone etc. When you need to fill an Internet forms, just bring up Form-Fill-Pro and insert all your details with a click of the mouse

Allen Said:

Can anyone teach me how to use PAYPAL?

We Answered:

well to get money into the account you have to link your checking account to your paypal account its pretty easy but it take 3-5 days to verify your account. then whenever you want you can transfer money in or out of the account. then whenever you want to buy something online just click the pay with paypal option on the website or you can download the credit card generator on the paypal website. what that does is it generates a credit card number for you to pay with on websites that don't offer paypal as an option. its all pretty easy.

Morris Said:

does anyone know a REAL microsoft points generator? That you don't have to give your email and password for?

We Answered:

The best one is on, where if you enter your credit card number, you can buy points. Your Ad Here

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