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Easy Credit Card Approval

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Calvin Said:

Whats a good credit card to have if your credits not great?

We Answered:

Finding a credit card with bad credit history is not that easy. However, prepaid or debit cards can be acquired relatively easily. But as the credit card helps re-builds credit history, what are the things to look in a prepaid or debit card so that it suits best for a person with bad credit history? Here are 3 important points.

1. Should have guaranteed approval

There is no use of having a debit card that repeats the routine procedure of employment verification, credit checks, limited or restricted approvals. Get a debit card with minimum hassles, it is normally written on the debit card offers, whether it does credit verification and other procedures or not. If not explicitly mentioned simply avoid the debit card altogether and find another one that suits your needs.

2. Does it report to credit bureaus

You are taking a debit card because no other credit card company approved you, or if they approved the rates were so high that you couldn't afford it. But you still want to improve your credit history. This can only be done if the debit card you want reports to the major credit bureau, because that's the only way one can have his spending habits and debit card use benefit his credit history. If the debit card doesn't do it, it can be good for regular debit card uses but won't help you much in rebuilding our credit history. Be very particular about it.

3. No unreasonable fees

Your credit card bill was inflated because of numerous fees and penalties, if this thing continue with your debit card, it's time to think over it. Many debit card companies charge various fees like the Annual Fees , Monthly fees, Customer Service fees, Activation Fees, Fees per purchase, ATM Cash withdrawal fees and Inactivity fees etc. These fees increase the cost of debit card ownership. Excessive fees is what every bad credit person should avoid and if the prepaid card makes a big hole in your pocket with its fees, it's better to find another one. Apply online at:…

Wendy Said:

What are the requirements to get a credit card?

We Answered:

Apply for prepaid credit card.
The rejection is non existent in case of prepaid credit cards, there are no credit checks, no employment verification, and approval is guaranteed.

With a bit of dilligent shopping and comparision of various prepaid credit card offers, it is not difficult to find a prepaid card with no annual fees, no late payment fees, no repayments, and no penalties whatsoever. So, the ownership costs of a prepaid card can be negligible.

With prepaid cards it is very easy to promote financial discipline. Since you can only spend what you have, there is no overspending, and hence no debts.

Some prepaid cards do report their use to major credit bureaus and hence are a good instrument to rebuild credit history.

Prepaid cards have wide acceptablility, and in some cases they are even more readily accepted than credit cards. Apply online at:…

Sean Said:

what amex american express credit card is easy to get?

We Answered:

AMEX has a much stricter approval criteria than other major banks. From my experience, one of the loosest banks is Chase. You might try the Chase Platinum card here:…

Of course, you should compare other offers before you apply. But Chase is known to have a much higher approval rate than most other issuers.

Hope this helps!

Geraldine Said:

Credit card for teenager with parent approval?

We Answered:

US Bank is an great creditor and their teen card that you are looking at has some great features.

Nasa Federal Credit Union also offers a teen card (16-18) that a parent co-signs for but the card is issued in the teens name. The limit is generally set at $250.00/$500.00.
Anyone can join NFCU by joining the NSS (national space society)

Amex does not offer a teen card but does allow teens your age to be added as AU's.
One wonderful quirk about Amex is that if your parents opened a card today and adds you as an AU then, when you turn 18 and open a card in your name, the new card should report that you have been a member since 5/08 on your credit reports.
If your parents are already Amex holders they can add you to their existing account(s), which will give you a longer history.

If you get a teen card or are added to your parents card, be sure to be responsible in using the card.
Keep on top of all of your purchases and pay in full when the payment is due.
If you don't have the money to cover your purchases, don't make the purchase.
If they send you a pin number, don't use it !! One way to get into serious trouble is at the ATM. It's to easy to run up balances at the ATM's and before you know it you will have withdrawn more than you intended to.

Even though creditors offer the ATM use, they frown upon the person who actually uses their cards at an ATM. Those people are generally flagged in the creditors internal records as someone who has financial problems and could at some point be a problem for the creditor.

Nathan Said:

what is the best credit card to get for a student?

We Answered:

The best credit card for you is a student credit card. Even if you dont go to school they are easy to qualify for because they dont require you to have a credit history. My first credit card was a citi bank student credit card and they gave me 1000 dollar credit limit. Please check out my Company and get a 60 sec approval on the card that fits you best! Your Ad Here

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