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Fake Credit Card Number

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Frances Said:

What happens if I put in a fake credit card number for an Itunes account registration?

We Answered:

well you won't be able to buy anything firstly lol. it won't come up as invalid and even if you doubt me then here's a link that'll generate a fake credit card number:

Greg Said:

I put a fake credit card number into a newspaper site and it worked?

We Answered:

You'd better call that newspaper company and talk with the billing dept. and get that subscription cancelled. Tell them that the credit card number was wrong.

Wayne Said:

Is it legal to use a fake credit card number from online?

We Answered:

Of course it is illegal.

It is akin to stealing someones wallet!

Your friend might be getting a visit from the local fraud detectives from your citys police department.

Marcus Said:

Does anyone have a fake credit card number for a free-trial?

We Answered:

there isn't going to be a random series of numbers that's going to work unless you randomly type in someone else's credit card number

Jessie Said:

Can i use a fake credit card number for prizerebel surveys?

We Answered:

That's illegal and if, they so wiwh it, they can prosecute you. If you are under 18, they can go after your parents.

Patricia Said:

What are the possibilities of getting caught using a fake credit card number?

We Answered:

It will be extremely easy to track him down when he has the online purchases shipped to his house.

He will absolutely get caught. Your Ad Here

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Dalia said:

Can you get caught if you use a fake credit card and get something shipped to a fake address?

Jake said:

Can you get caught if you use fake credit card number if you ship it to a house nobody lives in?

admn said:

Will i get caught if i use it for games to buy premium items.

why is that son of a bitch not answering now? said:

why is that son of a bitch not answering now?

aynalpawn said:

Care for a ride?..

kaitlyn said:

What if I use the fake credit card number to buy stuff from a virtual game. can they still track me down? I havent done it , but Im just curious.

mikaal ali said:

actually i want to criedt crd num or sec code coz or games to buy premium items.

katy said:

No that's impossible

fred said:

First of all why would you try and use a fake credit card number, if it's that bad just go buy one, it's highly retarded because 9 times out of ten you're gonna get caught DUMB ASSES

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