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Find The Best Credit Card

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Nora Said:

Where to find the best prepaid credit card in terms of rates?

We Answered:

prepayedge -

it's 2 years, but avail for non americans - mastercard

Judith Said:

Im trying to find the best credit card around .....Can u give any 411 on a good one.....???

We Answered:

the one with no annual fee and low interest.
There are lots of them out there
You just have to look for them.

Kelly Said:

Where can I find the best credit card after a bankruptcy?

We Answered:

Getting a secure credit card is one way you can start to rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy. If you borrow money for short periods of time and pay it back, this will reflect positively on your credit report.

Arlene Said:

How to find the best credit card deals/rates?

We Answered:

The best one I found that helped me the most is listed below. They have consolidated credit card offers along with useful articles. I always suggest this site because it helped me quite a bit in the past. See if you find good deals that you'll like...

Stanley Said:

How do I find the best credit card for my credit rating?

We Answered:

There's no way to tell unless you apply, I have exactly the same problem, I bet you have a capital one card and they recently put up the APR to 40%!!!

Fred Said:

What is the best credit card for someone who never borrows money from the bank? I want the cream of the crop.?

We Answered:

All you ever had is a debit card?

I know this isn't what you will be wanting to hear but -

If you have never had a loan or credit card in the past you will not be approved for a the types of major credit cards you are talking about (Blue Cash).

You would do nothing but create inquiries and lowering your credit score if you start applying for credit that you won't qualify for. (to many inquiries and you would be denied for that reason also)

A debit card is not reported on credit reports so it does not build credit history with any creditor except possibly the bank it's issued from.

If you are a college student, you may have a good chance of being approved for a student credit card. Amex, Chase, Discover are all prime creditors and have excellent student cards.

If you are not a student you might consider a secured card.
BoA has a pretty decent secured card that will generally unsecure around 9 months or so.
Credit unions also have good secured cards.

After those cards report for 4-6 months, you might apply for a card with the store you purchase your clothes at. Store cards do have high interest rates so you should make it a habit to only purchase what you know you can pay in full when you receive the statement.
Even though store cards have high interest, they are often offer discounts, shopping rewards, etc., that is only offered to the store card holder.

If you apply online, NEVER apply for a credit card from "any" site other than the card creditors own site !!!

Corey Said:

where can i find the best credit card rates for transferring my debt?

We Answered:

MSN Money has a great site showing credit cards offering low rates (see 1st link below). (see 2nd link below) has a site which is more interactive, but seems to be geared toward getting you to apply for one. By the way, USA Today has an interesting article about the decrease in credit cards offering low credit card rates, which you can access online at the 3rd link below. Your Ad Here

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