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First Credit Card Application

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Cecil Said:

how do i check the status of a credit card application with first premier bank?

We Answered:

Try the web address

Sonia Said:

On what factors they may have rejected my Citibank credit card application?

We Answered:

If you haven't defaulted on your loans, your score should be higher than 560. You application might also have been rejected because you have too much credit. I recommend you request your free annual credit reports and see what's on it.

Ricky Said:

On a credit card application, should I put my apartment rent total, or just my third?

We Answered:

Only what you pay (the 1/3rd)

Alvin Said:

Credit card application?

We Answered:

you might have to start with a secured credit card to obtain credit or get a store credit they are usually easy to get like Macy's target walmart etc. And if you get a secured credit card get one that reports your payments to the 3 major credit reporting bureau Equifax,Trans union and Experian

Mabel Said:

I had received an credit card application from First National Bank Omaha with a promotional 0% interest?

We Answered:

Call the customer service number on the back of the card and find out what is going on.

Carrie Said:

confused about credit card application?

We Answered:

Estimate what you will make a year and put that number there Your Ad Here

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