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First Usa Bank Credit Card

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Jamie Said:

Which Credit Card should I get?

We Answered:

If you have good credit and can get the Chase Freedom or Discover More card, both of these have no annual fee and a good rewards program. What is nice is there is a variety of ways you can earn points/rebates, and redeem them. I would steer clear of a card tied directly to one store.

For a bunch of great info on credit cards (and reward type cards), refer to this website:

Good Luck!

Rita Said:

which credit card is better for me as a student?

We Answered:

If you're unemployed, you don't need to "move up" anywhere. Stay with the card that trusts you, and start paying your OWN card as soon as you POSSIBLY can. I fell for the trap of allowing my parents to pay for my card, and it got me into REALLY bad habits. One day, sooner or later, you'll have to stand on your own two feet monetarily speaking; if you do it when you still have a choice rather than being forced to due to the loss of a parent or some other awful situation, it will be MUCH better for you AND for them.

Maria Said:

Why is my bank and credit card company running random credit checks on me and how is this affecting my fico?

We Answered:

They are most likely checking to see if you qualify for an offer they want to send you.
As part of the accounts you have with the banks, you gave them the right do these random checks. Don't worry, these kind of checks have NO impact on your credit score.
Employment background credit checks also don't impact your credit score.
Only checks that you specifically authorize for a specific loan or purchase have an impact on your credit

Sandra Said:

I am 18 years old and have 4 credit cards is that a bit much?

We Answered:

Having that many cards is not an issue, per se. But make sure to keep the utilization (or balances) reasonable and try to not exceed 65-70% on any card. Make sure to keep up on the payments, if you find that you are starting to get close to not being able to make the payments, then consider reducing the cards.

Also, be careful of the interest rates on the cards. If any of them have "teaser" rates - a rate where it is lower when you start and goes up after a set period of time, get that thing paid off before the teaser period is over and don't use it. Better to have a card that you don't use, then one you can't pay. Students have been known to get in very serious problems with credit obtained so early, so just be careful with them.

A 720 credit score is very good. To maintain that for a long time, again make sure to keep the utilization low and pay more than the minimums if you can.

As for student loans, I am not sure, if you can get government subsidized or guaranteed loans, I don't think the rates would be much different for you than others, but you would need to talk to a student advisor or a bank about that to be sure.

Sean Said:

How can i buy a laptop from bestbuy while having limited credit report?

We Answered:

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Thanks for helping me out. Yeah, I've got a nice credit score and going withi Discover More card might be a great decision indeed as they're not giving any annual fees.