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Patsy Said:

What is the easiest student credit card to get?

We Answered:

I would have to say Discover or Citibank check out and go under student cards.

Jacob Said:

What are the differences between a student credit card and other credit cards?

We Answered:

easily compare student creditcards and all other credit cards at

however, the usual difference is that student credit cards are easier to be qualified for, but sometimes have higher interest rates associated with them. Also, student credit cards usually have lower limits. the direct link to the student section of is listed below.

Cassandra Said:

18 can I get an American Express Blue Student Credit Card?

We Answered:

you need really good credit to get approve for these card but you might be able to have your parents co-sign for you otherwise there are other great student cards you could get approve for that have no annual fees and have low rates. Check out here you will be able to compare them side by side on rates,fees and rewards.

Juanita Said:

Should I go with a student credit card or a regular one and what is the best one?

We Answered:

Looks like you are well on your way to building a good credit score. If you have a job and have been making payment you should probably try to apply for a regular card. These limits tend to be higher and the interest rates are better. There are many sites out there where you can view all the different cards available and choose the one that fits you the best. You can goggle compare credit cards. I found on that seem to have some excellent cards. And you can apply directly there and all the card are instant approval.

Michelle Said:

College student with no credit. How can I get a Credit Card?

We Answered:

Hello good sir Dong.

I would say if you have no money then applying for a credit card is a bad idea. Typically you should have some income coming in before you start using a credit card.

Wait till you get a job, get some money, then apply for a student credit card. Use it wisely, never buy more than you can afford, and you will start building up your credit. Your Ad Here

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