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Guaranteed Credit Card Bad Credit

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Danielle Said:

I am looking for a credit card for people with really bad credit.?

We Answered:

There are more that a few lenders who specialize in credit cards for people with bad credit. You just have to look a little harder than most people have to.

And getting a card after you've had a few problems doesn't necessarily mean that you have a higher than normal rate. Like I said, you'll just have to compare between credit lines, yearly fees, and interest percentages. Just make sure you do your homework BEFORE you commit, and you'll be fine.

You can find some offers for credit cards, both secured and unsecured here:…

Barbara Said:

Where can I get a guaranteed credit card.. Not vanquis... no high street banks and not capital one...any hope?

We Answered:

If vanquis and capital one have turned you down, i don't know of any others that would accept you. Go on and they have a 'smart search' that you can put in a couple of bits of info about your credit history and they will tell you which cards you are likely to be accepted for, but personally i would just give up and try to rebuild your credit. Too many applications for credit make your record worse.

Good Luck

Cheryl Said:

Guaranteed Approval, Credit Card for Bad Credit?

We Answered:


They do charge you 250 that is your limit you will be charges fees and high Rates

ONCE you cancel your FICO Score and CREDIT RATING is screwed



Henry Said:

Does anyone know where I can get a guaranteed approval on a credit card with a $2000 limit with bad credit?

We Answered:

There is no such thing as guaranteed credit regardless of what your credit rating is. A person with perfect credit can be turned down. Odds are that person won't be turned down but it can happen.

A person with bad credit will have even greater odds of being turned down. A person with bad credit wanting a credit card with a $1500 limit is more than likely going to be turned down.

If a company tells you that you are guaranteed approval then watch out. It is more than likely a scam. They probably want you to pay money for the application and then when it is all said and done you do not get the card or you get a card with a much lower limit.

Besides, if you have bad credit then you need to be spending your money on better things than a vacation. You probably need to be spending the money on paying off bills and paying off debt.

Floyd Said:

are there any guaranteed credit cards for bad credit?

We Answered:

There's a bank in one of the Dakotas called "Bank of Hoven." They offer a secured credit card that is tied to a savings account.

If you do a search online for Secured Credit Cards, you will probably find a whole bunch of banks who offer that type of credit card.

How it works is you open a savings account with a deposit. Say you put $200 in the savings account. They will send you a credit card with a $200 limit. You can use it as you do any other credit card, they will send you bills, and you pay them. This will help to increase your credit rating, while still protecting you financially. If you ever got into trouble financially, you can pay off the credit card with your savings account and close the account in good standing, and then open it again later.

Further, if you wish to increase your credit limit, send them more money to put in you savings account. Start with $200, limit of $200. Add another $100, limit is now $300. Add another $200, limit is now $500.

It's the best, safest way to have a credit card.

Kirk Said:

Is there a really a credit card that is guaranteed approval?

We Answered:

Yep, go for a secured credit card, you are then positive that you'll get approved and from then on you can start building your credit.

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