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Guaranteed Credit Card Uk

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Norma Said:

What is the best UK credit card with zero percent apr?

We Answered:

This is by far the best card and company

Angel Said:

WHAT are YOUR THOUGHTS ON:-Visa verification by flashing a debit/credit card?

We Answered:

I've not come across this one yet - but it sounds a bit like the 'Oyster Card' system used by London Transport .. although here the money is 'on the card', so criminals never have to worry about the owner 'blocking' the card after they have lost it ..

I wouldn't worry about it too much .. lost & stolen Credit & Debit Cards are 10 a penny .. the difficult bit being the need for the PIN number .. if the Supermarket starts accepting cards without a PIN the level of fraud will go through the roof & they will soon change their minds ...

Deborah Said:

Vanquis Credit Increase? (UK)?

We Answered:

have you tried ringing them and asking for one?

Amy Said:

new credit card with a low apr! any good? look!

We Answered:

The APR refers to the interest charge if you do not pay off all your balance when you get your monthly statement.

If, when you get your monthly statement, you pay it off in full, you will not have to pay any interest charge.

Sometimes, card companies claw back some money in the form of "payment protection" which is just an insurance policy. You don't have to agree to this, though and you shouldn't need it if you are sensible with your card.

Credit cards are a good idea provided you don't spend more than you can afford to pay back in one go.

Lillian Said:

When / how should I ask for a refund via my credit card?

We Answered:

Wow, this sucks, but sounds like it is a scam. Now, here is a synopsis of your rights..

Under the Fair Credit Billings Act, you must dispute the charge within 60 days after receiving the first statement which the charge appeared. In order to do this, you must submit a written letter to the credit card company advising of your dispute. Now, in your letter, advise that product was never received. Credit card companies receive thousands of these dispute letters everyday. Now, to make your case that much better, you should print out and send copies of correspondence (e-mails, order confirmations, etc). Once the credit card company receives your letter, they will begin what is called a "chargeback" procedure. They allow the merchant a chance to respond. Basically, they want to see who is telling the truth and try to resolve the situation. Your credit card company, if they agree with your dispute, will automatically enter a chargeback against the company.. What does chargeback mean? It is a reversal of the charge directly back to the company which originally charged you. Don't worry, once it is charged back, it will not reappear on your account.

You should get on doing this now in order to preserve your rights under the law. Of course, I recommend sending two different letters - one by regular mail to their PO Box and another to an address where the credit card company can receive certified mail (return receipt requested) for someone to sign it. Also, get a fax number and fax your dispute over as well. Sounds like overkill, but many credit card companies pretend they never received a dispute letter from the customer..

Diana Said:

Anyone know where you can get guaranteed acceptance credit cards in the UK?

We Answered:

Capital one are good, you can apply on-line, and usually get instant acceptance, or at least within 24 hours.

John Said:

Will a Washington Mutual Credit Card work fine in the UK?

We Answered:

I don't think so... Your Ad Here

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