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Hotel Reward Credit Card

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Megan Said:

To keep my credit card--that is the question. Well?

We Answered:

Annual fees are baloney. Cancel that thing right away.

There are tons of good free rewards cards out there, Discover is good if you use it for certain categories each year when they give 5% cashback (ie from May-July they give 5% on home improvement and garden purchases, from Jan-March 5% off hotels and car rentals, etc). I use a citi rewards card and it's been very good to me, I love thankyou rewards.

As long as you were responsible and had good credit to begin, you won't get penalized much, if at all. If you have additional loans, lines or credit, or credit cards already open it will have a minimal affect on your credit. If you only have a few cards on your history, it may drop it more... but probably not more than 15-20 points.

Vivian Said:

I am going to spend $9000 for business travel (hotel/dining). Should I open a rewards credit card? Which one?

We Answered:

I would definitely get a rewards type of credit card and if you are purchasing the plane tickets yourself I would advise one that earns you miles to save on future trips. Before you do this should also compare the rewards and see whether it is worth it to add a new card to the amount you have now rather than just raising you limit as you said. If you have cards now that offer great rewards than I would just stick with those and try to get the limit increased.

Also, if you are looking for rewards on hotels and I notice you will travel a lot, I would like to recommend a business where you can earn commissions on travel including planes, hotels, tickets, cruises, cars, and more. You can also get great tax breaks at the end of the year. You can review the presentation site, where unlike most other sites, you can learn as much as you can about this opportunity and talk to a real person if you have any other questions. With this, you can save money AND earn rewards! ----our site to book travel ----view more information about the company

Jason Said:

Best rewards credit card WITH annual fee?

We Answered:

There are a few out there Discover card is a good one to have these card does not have an annual fee and offer good rewards, check out under rewards section

Beth Said:

What is the BEST reward credit card out there?

We Answered:

Do people only answer questions here just to post links to their own ad-filled websites? Geez....

Anyway, if you have heavy spending, the American Express Blue Cash card is definitely the best card going right now for cashback. Once you charge $6500 a year, the rest of the year you earn 5% on supermarkets, gas and drugstores (AmEx calls these "everyday purchases"), and 1.5% on everything else. Up until you get to $6500, you earn 1% on everyday purchases and 0.5% on the rest. No other card can touch that deal.

If you don't spend enough to make that card worthwhile, look at the extensive research done at which is far too long to summarize here. It has the "great research" you're looking for.

And if you want to compare how more than one cashback card might be your best strategy, check out . But be advised this site factors in the initial signup bonuses when calculating your cashback which means the figures are only accurate for the first year.
If you aren't spending enough

Lori Said:

What credit card gives you the best rewards for airplane flights and hotel room?

We Answered:

American Express Your Ad Here

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