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Identity Theft Credit Card Fraud

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Victoria Said:

Credit card fraud/Identity Theft?

We Answered:…

Good Luck!

Louise Said:

What is the statute of limitations in MA to prosecute credit card fraud or identity theft?

We Answered:

no time has ran out for you to do any thing about it sorry

Lois Said:

Credit Card Theft/Identity fraud?

We Answered:

You will not be arrested. She is the one who signed the receipt. I feel bad for you for having a friend who would even subject you to that, but no it will not harm you. You will be fine. You have a question to ask yourself though... Do you contact law enforcement or do you wait to see if she gets caught. Also, if I were you, I would no longer hang out with her, as now you know that she cannot be trusted.

Jason Said:

What to do if you're in danger of credit card fraud or identity theft?

We Answered:

Here's how to avoid credit repair scams:

Put a Fraud Alert on Your Credit Reports-This is your very first step, even before you call the police, since credit bureaus are better able to shut down new attempts at fraud. Call the three major credit reporting firms (TransUnion, 800-680-7289; Experian, 888-397-3742; Equifax, 888-766-0008) and ask for the alert, requiring merchants to get your approval before granting new credit in your name.

Order Your Credit Reports-Once you get the fraud alert, you’re entitled to one free copy of your credit report from each credit bureau.

Report the Crime -File a report with the fraud or economic crime unit of your police department. It helps convince lenders and credit bureaus to take you seriously.

Fill Out an Identity Theft Form-The Federal Trade Commission has developed an identity theft affidavit that you can send businesses and creditors when a new account is opened in your name, to help document that a thief used your personal information to open the account.

Credit repair companies such as has a create organization that protect credit scams. So sit back and get ready to protect yourself from those who would do your identity harm. We're going to make sure you're armed with the tools you need to thwart them at every turn.

Janet Said:

Should I report a family member for credit card fraud & identity theft?

We Answered:

Remember the Unibomber? It was his brother who finally came forward.

It's sad when you face criminal behavior in your own family but if you KNOW she is hurting others and you do NOTHING about it, aren't you really helping her conceal the truth and in effect, helping her steal?

I hope the court system will consider her age and mental faculties before judging her too harshly. She needs care. Your Ad Here

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