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Information On Credit Card

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Sara Said:

Is it safe to enter your credit card information on itunes?

We Answered:

Perfectly safe. When you enter your credit card info, that's if he wanted to buy an application for 0.99 cents, or another price. It is used for nothing more than buying apps and songs from iTunes.

Stacy Said:

How do you report a website illegally selling credit card and banking information?

We Answered:

Yep call the police,FBI or postmaster general they all deal with internet fraud just call them soon if you are positive of the allegations you make.Infact here is a site you can do it online and send them a link to the bad site.

Michele Said:

How do I find out my old credit card information?

We Answered:

If you need to know the statute of limitations for your state, contact your stateís Attorney Generalís office by phone or on the Internet. The statute of limitations will depend on the last time the original lender actually reported something to the credit bureaus. Since you say it's no longer on the credit report, the collection agency probably has an advantage here.

I would definitely contact the original lender by phone or mail and get whatever information you can. Since they sent this to collections you will no longer be able to negotiate directly with them.

Make sure that all communications with the collection agency is done via certified mail. You may attempt to negotiate a "Pay for Delete" to pay off the debt and have the entire tradeline removed from your credit report. Of course since they are garnishing your wages, most likely you are not in that position to negotiate.

Ronald Said:

What recourse do I have if a collection agency for a credit card company reveals my information to my spouse?c?

We Answered:

Realistically, none. And you have bigger problems if you are not being straight with your spouse.

Kyle Said:

What to do about phone calls from a company who has stolen credit card information?

We Answered:

Don't talk to them. Just tell them to stop calling and hang up.

This may be a phishing scam. If you talk to them they will keep working on you hoping you will give them more info. Your Ad Here

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