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Instant Credit Card Payment

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Vincent Said:

When selling something on ebay how do I request an instant payment on the item?

We Answered:

When you set up your listing, there is a small box that says, "Immediate Payment Required".

Be sure to check that box, so when your listing ends. Either through the auction process or is a user uses the Buy It Now option.

The buyer will be required to immediately pay for the item thats for sale.

Good luck!

Amy Said:

is payment instant if my paypal account is linked to a credit card?

We Answered:

it should take less than 2 days

Daryl Said:

Do I have to add a credit card to my Paypal?

We Answered:

you could add a checking account.

Ernest Said:

How to make credit card the primary payment source in Paypal?

We Answered:

When you receive an invoice through paypal after you buy or win an item, there will be a link that shows how you are paying. Click on the link that says "More funding options". That way u can pay using your credit card.

Micheal Said:

credit card payments on paypal?

We Answered:

no only you can.

Erika Said:

can i still send instant payments if i haven't got a credit card registered to my paypal account?

We Answered:

Yes, I dont have a gredit card with paypal either, I use my bank account as an alternative source of funding or whatever they call it

Chad Said:

What is the difference between billing systems and PayPal?

We Answered:

depends what your saying about billing systems see you have the site lets say ebay they ask for a credit card number but your not sure if you trust them many sites offer paypal were that site only ask your account number and pay pal will pay themas instead yo giving all your info pay pal just gives them your money Your Ad Here

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