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Instant Virtual Credit Card

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Benjamin Said:

i need a virtual credit card that i can fund with my credit card with no link to egold or paypal.instant?

We Answered:

How about, they have visa amazon credit cards now that would be good. I have a friend that sells on ebay using one of them.

Chris Said:

Paypal question?Verification?

We Answered:

If your paypal account is in the negative, then yes putting money into the account will bring the balance back to zero.

If you let the account stay negative, your mom will find out because the account will be turned over to a 3rd party debt collector.

Open another paypal account, go directly to the cards website and register your name and address to the card before adding it to the paypal account. Then send the money from the new paypal account to the old account via gift, send more then is owed one of the accounts will have to pay for the fees that paypal will charge on the "gift".

Leo Said:

secure online payment merchant?

We Answered:


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custom writers said:

Your idea of making this virtual credit card is a cool idea. But i guess it just needs so many formalities as compared to the other things. It's better to approach a good bank assistant to help in this.

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