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Low Interest Credit Card Canada

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Jeanne Said:

Is there a low annual fee credit card in BC Canada?

We Answered:

spend only that much money as you have. Then the interest rate won't matter!!!

Nathaniel Said:

Does anyone know of any low interest balance transfer credit card offers in Canada?

We Answered:

Blue Cash from American Express®

This credit card issued by the credit card giant American Express has No annual fee. Coming to balance transfers, the Blue Cash from American Express has a low balance transfer rate. The APR for balance transfer is 4.99% fixed for the life of balance. Another good feature of the Blue Cash from American Express is that it is a 0 Intro APR credit card. It has a 0% intro APR rate for 6 months. The reward program of Blue Cash from American Express gives Up to 5% Cash Back with Unlimited Cash Rewards. This entitles the credit card holder to earn an unlimited cash back on his spendings. Apply online at:…

Edith Said:

Anyone know which Credit Card company is offering 0% interest for half year or low interest for half a year?

We Answered:

go to

the site lets you compare all the different credit cards and their offers

Helen Said:

Low interest credit card?

We Answered:

Check out the chase freedom card.....they run that quite often.

Christian Said:

What is the lowest interest rate credit card available in Canada?

We Answered:

Generally speaking your looking at rates in the vicinity of 10%. There are balance transfer options at lower rates (even 0% for X number of months, but you'll have to shop around, and ALWAYS read the fine print).…

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada offers an interactive tool that will compare credit cards based on the answers you provide to a series of questions, including low interest rate cards with or without annual fees.… also offers a list of "low interest" credit card options, although their information can be a little out of date.…

Finally, if you have the time I'd recommend perusing the Personal Finance forums at, some of the best deals I've seen have been discussed, dissected and reviewed on that forum.

Hope this was some help!

Charles Said:

Hi everybody, I would like to apply for a credit card with low interest rate.?

We Answered:

There are a few websites that offer information on the various credit cards out there. We can start with the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada which offers an interactive credit card tool;…

There is also Credit Card Search, which is a public directory of credit cards and offers in Canada.

Last, but not least, I've found that the "Personal Finance" section of the Red Flag Deals forum has some of the most current information on special deals and offers for credit cards available. You'll have to search through the forum a bit, but if there is a special low-interest deal these guys have found it and posted about it.…

Hope this is some help!

Megan Said:

Are there lower interest credit cards in Canada other than Capital One?

We Answered:

We changed our banking to Presidents Choice, At real canadian Superstore,, Best deals .You can use CIBC ATM machines Free checks .ETC. Your Ad Here

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