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Low Interest Credit Card Consolidation

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Brandy Said:

what is a good credit card debt consolidation with low or no interest payments?

We Answered:

Google "cons of debt consolidation"
Make sure you know what you are getting into.
Most people regret it since it only makes paying back these loans longer.
Which means you can pay triple or quadruple the interest back.

Get a book on Debt Repair from your bookstore or library.
There are many tricks that can help you get a hold of your finances.

Jay Said:

Consolidation of Credit Card debt?

We Answered:

Go for the lower interest rate.

Better yet, get a credit card with 0% interest on balance transfers and pay off your cards that way.

Velma Said:

Where can I get a low interest loan for debt consolidation?

We Answered:

First of all, I commend you on not using your credit cards for the past 9 months. You seem to have a grasp on wanting to get out and you aren't racking up more debt. You said you destroyed the cards, just make sure you do not close the accounts.

What are your interest rates currently at? Have you called your current cc companies if they would lower your current rates? Go to… for more info.

I suggest going to Oprah's debt diet site. She has some helpful tools to help you.…

You also need to evaluate your monthly expenditures. I suggest setting up an Excel file where you list out your monthly expenses from your rent/mortgage down to your groceries. Do you have cable, eat out, going to movies etc? If so, those are luxury items, if you want to pay them down I suggest you cut out these type of expenses if you want to get your debt down. Once you see where you are spending your money, you will be astonished, $3 here, $5 there..who knew it went so fast.

I know that it seems like such a huge mountain to conquer, but with time and discipline it can be done. You are on the right track with trying to get balance transfer credit cards. Don't worry about your credit score, either. As long as you make your monthly payments on time, you will be able to raise that up again.

Arthur Said:

Does your credit score get adversely affected by credit card consolidation services?

We Answered:

You can use this credit monitoring service to pre-estimate future scores for different scenarios of such payments -

Tiffany Said:

My credit card companies refuse to raise my limit or lower my interest options?

We Answered:

Sorry, but there's no way to "get out of it". Your Ad Here

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