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Mastercard Prepaid Credit Card

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Diana Said:

Prepaid visa/mastercard credit card in jamaica?

We Answered:

You'll have to go to a bank that sells them.

Nathan Said:

Is there any way to check the balance of your prepaid credit card?

We Answered:

Go to their site and have a look around. With mine I just log in and it's all in there on the site.

Stanley Said:

Can the Visa or Mastercard prepaid credit cards be used to purchase airline tickets online?

We Answered:

yes if there is enough money on the card and you have register your name and address with
th prepaid credit issuer on their website
else the card will be declined due to no verifiable information on the card

Mark Said:

Can I use a prepaid credit card ( Visa or Mastercard) to pay for gas at the gas station?

We Answered:

the problem is that at the pump the pump will put hold a Freeze of maybe $50.00 or more
on the card
and then you cant use anywhere until the station unfreezes the hold which some times take
several days
also card has to be register with your name and address and zip code
if you dont do the card will decline

Melinda Said:

Using a prepaid credit card to buy things online?

We Answered:

yes, in some ways it's better.
You have already paid the money ahead of time and now you can use it, up to the limit of your payment minus the fees charged for managing your acct. With a prepaid credit card you cannot go over the limit. so you realistically have no debt with the company because it is prepaid.

Wanda Said:

Anyone using a prepaid credit card/mastercard. I need to find a cheap one....?

We Answered:

5 pound is cheap mine was 10, and i quit coz to top up right away was 84 miles away,

Luis Said:

Can I use a MasterCard Prepaid Card to make online purchases?

We Answered:

You can use them on-line as long as you don't exceed the limit of the card or you aren't signing up for a perpetual subscription (repeating monthly charges). Your Ad Here

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