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Mastercard Student Credit Card

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Chester Said:

Which company provides a better student credit card- Visa or MasterCard?

We Answered:

It really doesn't matter which logo you have on your card. What matters is which bank you get the card from. I have a citi card student card and it is very good. I was looking through the site below and I found few of them that looked good. See if you like any.

Gene Said:

I need a good student credit card?

We Answered:

There is no such thing as a good credit card , cash in the bank speaks more than credit with a company that you pay to allow you to borrow money you do not have ...Credit cards are for suckers ...the chances of a credit card hurting your credit score are far greater than than the chance they will help , I have perfect credit , never had a credit card , I just pay my bills on time I only have two more years on my mortgage , and pay cash for cars . Credit card companies are begging me to take their card ,but I always deny them . Plus the more open accounts ,and credit limits you have , will mean less credit you are allowed when you are ready to purchase major things such as house , and or cars.

Mike Said:

Which credit card is best for a 19 year old college student trying to build credit?

We Answered:

The Citi mtvU card has a better rewards structure.
Why not try for both?
Visit the website below and look in the Credit Pulls database for your state to see which credit reporting agency Citi pulls.
Chase is almost always Experian.

Bernice Said:

I am a student with NO credit. What credit cards will accept me?

We Answered:

Hi Krista,

Have you tried a student credit card? I did a quick google search, and found findcollegecards that has a decent sized list of cards that you can apply for. Try Citi Bank, or a bank like that to see if you get approved.

Bradley Said:

Platinum Plus Student Credit Card (Bank of America)?

We Answered:

Hey Sarah,

I'll give it to you straight forward. I HATE when people tell you to not use a credit card. These are the same people who don't know how to use one properly.

Here's your answers --

1. Since my main reason for it is to build a credit score, how much should put on it a month?

Building credit takes time. When I first started, I just put about $25-50/month on the card. Make sure you pay it back in full and never miss a payment. Your credit score will slowly rise :)

2. Is it better to pay the minimum amount due, or the whole thing a month?

It's always better to pay the whole thing, if you don't, you're going to pay interest rates. Pay in full, you don' t have to pay any interest rates.

3. How to I make a bill payment? I don't have any checks-do I need those to make a payment? Can I do it online? Can I make a payment using my debit card?

There are a few ways you can pay. You can either pay directly on your account online. You can link your checking/savings account to your account and they can simply withdrawl their cash. You can use what I do and pay via billpay.

4. It says the credit line is $600-does this mean thats the minimum amount I can put on it a month?

That's the maximum amount you can put on your card. Don't go over this per month or you'll pay a over limit fee. Just spend what you can afford.

5. Not sure what my interest rate is. What should I know about interest rates?

An interest rate is going to applied to the balance you don't pay off. Let's say your bill is $50 and you only pay $25, the interest rate will be charged onto the $25. If you pay in full all the time, you won't have to worry about this.

Good luck with your first card, they really do have a lot of rewards. Just spend what you can afford and do it on time :)

Glenda Said:

Should I cancel my Student Credit Card ? Need Advice !?

We Answered:

Whatever you do, DON'T cancel the card. It will automatically drop your credit history. Some say it's okay, but it isn't.
What happens is it "un-ages" your history file. Since you never had a late payment, you always want that on your file.
Most people should have 2-3 cards. One with a high limit for emergencies and business expenses on trips. One with a low limit for normal monthly expenditures which they pay off easily every month. And a third for whatever they deem appropriate as long as they can manage it in a responsible way.
From what you've said, you have no problem with the responsibility, so don't ruin a perfectly good credit rating by killing your history, which is what creditors look at more than anything else. Your Ad Here

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