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Merchant Credit Card Acceptance

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Floyd Said:

Has anyone had success dealing with Bankcard Empire?

We Answered:

This company is a scam!!!!! Do not give them any money. They start out telling you about buying advertising but you never see any return on your investment. I tried to get out of the deal and they would not return any of my phone calls. I have contacted the attorney general. Stay away from these people. FYI they sometime advertise as Ultimate Business or Automated Business Group. They are all scams!

Anita Said:

Can you disable the acceptance of Credit Cards on paypal?

We Answered:

You can turn off account optional in your account. Go to your profile and click on Website Payment Preferences>PayPal Account Optional. Turn if off and save it. A customer will now only be able to pay with their PayPal account.
Or if you want to cancel your account ; you can not have outstanding debit in your paypal account, if you do not, follow these instruction to cancel your account;
An excellent company I use for merchant services is Simple Payment Systems/NAB. The software to take credit cards online is free, and they give you a free credit card terminal also if you need it. They train you for free. The rates are cheap.No start up costs! I personally have never had a problem either.
Best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving!

Dan Said:

Did you know that merchants are not allowed to ask for ID when using credit cards?

We Answered:

Saying the store can refuse your purchase because they have their own rules about showing ID is not true. It is clearly stated in the Visa merchant agreement..

"Although Visa rules do not preclude merchants from asking for cardholder ID, merchants cannot make an ID a condition of acceptance."

They can ask for your ID, but you are not required to show it to them to complete your transaction. If they do not process your card because you refuse to show them your ID, you should file a complaint with the store and Visa corporate office. This is a violation of the merchant agreement.

Willie Said:

How do government agencies get away with their massive violation of the credit card acceptance policies?

We Answered:

Helllo, This is Cook Cty Illinois U R talking about. They're crooks.

Chris Said:

Questions about legal or illegal...?

We Answered:

1) If half a bill is missing, the merchant can refuse to accept it. If only one corner is missing, they can't ... but if they do, there isn't very much you can do about it.

2) It's not a question of legality. The major credit card companies have policies against merchants charging additional fees to use their cards or requiring minimum purchases and will yank the merchant accounts of violators. Violations must be reported to the credit card company, and not your issuing bank.

Heres is the Mastercard form for reporting a merchant violation :

All the card companies have online complaint forms. You can google to find them.

Ashley Said:

Is the upcoming VISA IPO worth cashing out your Roth IRA and other retirement savings and investments for?

We Answered:

Lol, take some advice from a shrewd observer... ;-) Did you watch the Master Card (MA) IPO? Do you remember how much negativity there was surrounding it? The vast majority of analysts were screaming "Lawsuits!!!!" - because they thought MA was being taken public mainly to raise money to settle lawsuits. That is all they said. I was truly expecting the price to decrease, and I was going to jump in around $30-$35. What a joke. It never saw less than $40.
Back then, VISA said they had "No current plans for an IPO". Then once MA started taking off, VISA said they had been planning an IPO for months and months. So, 1 of those 2 statements was a blatent lie. They were waiting to see how well MA did. There is no other company out there that is even comparable to MA, so they had to watch it.
- MA has gone up about 400%.
- VISA plans to raise approx. $10 Billion.
If MA would be sitting at $40/share, VISA would have an IPO for about $2 billion or so, NOT $10 Billion.
Like you said, 20,000 banks own VISA. ******They are the ones that already made most of the money.****** VISA will NOT go up 400% as quick as MA did. Your Ad Here

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