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Nigeria Credit Card Fraud

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Adrian Said:

Can anyone give me any advice on catching a crook?

We Answered:

I think you deserve the loss for making poor decisions.

1. You sent a total stranger money - a gift card that anyone can cash.

2.. You had no clue after 1000's of TV, newspaper, magazine, and internet published reports about scams and fraud based out of Nigeria?

3. He somehow "cracked" or do you mean hacked your account? Either you had some simple password like "password" or you somehow gave him clues or the answer to access it. Guessing passwords is not easy.

4. You will never find this person. All the info you got is most likely fraudulent.

5. I don't know what kind of ipod you were hoping to get, but most don't cost 180.00

If you think your were getting something that costs far far less than the average retail store, you deserve it for being greedy and reckless.

You can complain to your bank, credit card company, or pay pal (who will prob do nothing). Was the contra pay pal address a "confirmed" or "unconfirmed" address?

6. Clue - NEVER send money to people you don't know.

7. Where on earth did you find this person? I'll bet there is a whole other ridicules story that you are not sharing.

8. I'm not an attorney, but If you made a legit payment directly to itunes you prob have no case. If you handed the guy (electronically) the pre-paid gift card, that is your fault - not pay pal's fault, not your credit card companies fault, not itunes fault. If you paid for something and gave it away, that it your problemo.

The crooks know that no one is going to aggressively pursue a Nigerian fraud case for $180.00.

I'm not trying to be mean, I'm being hard on you for a reason: To wake you up to the risks you had clearly ignored.

Velma Said:

Why are companies like Diamond allowed to use sexual discrimination?

We Answered:

You raise a good point! In my opinion, it is just like when colleges and jobs enroll people based on their race, when I feel it should be based on performance.

I'm not a big fan of affirmative action...

Pedro Said:

Laptops for children in third world countries, good idea?

We Answered:

Maybe they'll get online and figure out how corrupt their own government really are so we can stop having to send American and British troops over there everytime they decide to start killing each other.

Delores Said:

How do I get a new Identity legally? Disregard W.P.P. FBI!!! Not Related to question as answer!?

We Answered:

You can't. What you can do is lock your credit so no one can get credit in your name.

Allan Said:


We Answered:

sports. suck.

stop throwing away your life. now.

Hector Said:

We have just been victims of fraud, from another country...who do we talk to?

We Answered:

You need to report the fraud to the local police in your city, but it is unlikely that the criminal will be traced or arrested. The shipping address usually is not the person's home address, but the address of yet another person abused for the scam (for example, some young girl who doesn't know that her "boyfriend" is a crook).

In future, verify that the shipping address matches the billing address, especially in high fraud regions like West Africa. Many merchants don't even take order involving Nigeria any more because the few legitimate orders (if there are any) are drowned out by orders from credit card scammers. Your Ad Here

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