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No Annual Fee Low Interest Credit Card

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Daryl Said:

which credit card with low interest rates and no annual fee is good to get miles for a free airplane ticket?

We Answered:

Gold Delta SkyMiles is good. I found interesting information about your answer & the best credit card options here. http://all-debt-consolidation-loan.blogs…

Grace Said:

problems getting a low interest credit card due to bankruptcy 10 yrs ago?

We Answered:

The problem is not that bankruptcy from 10 years ago. It's that $10K balance you are carrying on that credit card. I bet your sister pays her credit cards in full or only carries small balances for short periods.

Pay off the credit card completely. Then only charge what you can afford to pay in full each month. You will get all sorts of low interest offers.

Raymond Said:

in nz what is the best credit card to apply for with low interest rates and no annual fees?

We Answered:

Check with ANZ

Kyle Said:

what is the best credit card with no annual fee and low interest rate?

We Answered:

try the 5% back CITI Bank card.

Mathew Said:

What is a really good credit card to get with no annual fees and low interest rates?

We Answered:

No Annual Fee Credit Cards from American Express

Platinum Business Cash Rebate Card from OPEN(SM) The Small Business Team gives No annual fee,

The IN:NYC® Card from American Express also comes with No annual fee,

Blue from American Express® has No Annual Fee with Low Balance Transfer APR - 4.99% Fixed APR for the life of the balance -- especially good if you want to transfer your balances. Apply online at:… and get instance approval.

Don Said:

I need a low interest rate, no annual fee credit card?

We Answered:

if you have high interest credit cards there are some out there tha you could do a 0% balance trasfer for up to 12 months, check out and you will be able to compare all major credit cards on rates, fees and rewards. good luck

Jeanette Said:

What is card with lower interest rate and annual fee, or higher rate and no annual fee?

We Answered:

CC issuers have already done the analysis and have come up with a solution that is in THEIR best interest, not yours.

Example: A $1,000 CC balance to be paid off in one year. The issuer may offer you a 9% rate with a $50 annual fee or an 18% rate with no annual fee. They will both cost you about $100 for the entire year. The 9%/$50 will cost you $49 interest + $50 annual fee. The 18%/$0 will cost you about $100 interest + $0 annual fee. The CC issuer is hoping you will charge more than the $1000.

Let's take $2,000 and the same interest rates and annual fee above. The 9%/$50 card will cost you a total of about $150 for the year while the 18% card will cost you about $200 for the year.

Let's take $500 and the same interest rates and annual fee above. The 9%/$50 card will cost you a total of about $75 for the year while the 18% card will cost you about $50.

It looks like if you carry high balances, the annual fee is a cheaper option while low balances are more expensive.

So, you can see that it depends upon how much balance you will carry and the interest rate and the amount of the annual fee and how long you carry the balance. If you are not making enough money for the CC issuer, you can count on your interest rate to increase on your new purchases with the intent to cost you more money. Which ever card you choose, you'll be locked into that agreement. You won't be able to swap between the interest rate and fee programs. In any case, credit cards are an expensive debt - close to payday loan company debts. Your Ad Here

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