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Non Profit Credit Card Debt Consolidation

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Renee Said:

is debt consolidation through a non profit company a good idea? has anyone done it before? recommend it?

We Answered:

If you are truly struggling to stay afloat, do it. My sister was $12000 in debt and she just couldn't keep up.
She consolidated her debt and is slowly paying it off in a 5 year period.

Here is the catch.
When you consolidate your debt, you are not allowed to poses any credit of any kind. No credit cards, no loans.
Make sure you are comfortable with that before you decide to go through with debt consolidation.

Your credit rating will go down, but you can always rebuild.
My parents filed for bankruptcy 15 years ago and their credit has long since recovered.
I wouldn't recommend bankruptcy though, your credit will be ruined for 7 years.
Your credit bounces back much faster after debt consolidation.

If you did consolidate your debt, an easy way (after you have paid it all off) to rebuild your credit is through a secure credit card.
You put money down on the card, usually $200-$1000, and you get that money back after 1 year (provided that you do not miss a single payment).
It will raise your credit rating and you can then apply for loans and other credit cards.

Best of luck to you.

Daryl Said:

We have $8,000 in credit card debt; we live in GA. What's the best non-profit credit consolidat. company here?

We Answered:

Contact Consumer Credit Counseling Services at 1-800-388-2227 they are the largest and oldest consumer credit counseling service in the nation and will work with your creditors to lower your interest rates and monthly payments and they are non-profit.

I used them several years ago and was debt free in 36-months.

While you are in their program your accounts will read as "Included in credit counseling" after you finish this notation will be removed. This will not affect your score but it will affect your ability to get more credit.

At the end of the program your score will be much better due to being out of debt and having a great payment history.

Terrance Said:

What resources will provide us with honest Debt Consolidation of our Credit Cards?

We Answered:

it's a crapshoot, but, there are ways you can protect yourself, check out the below site:…

read, read, read.

Good luck.

Jo Said:

Can anybody recommend a good debt consolidation company? Preferably non-profit?

We Answered:

Consumer Credit Counseling Services, believe it is run by the government. Know a few friends that have used it and have been very happy with the results. Should be an 800 number for wherever you are located, just Google it

Agnes Said:

which is the best way to get out of credit card debt? Non Profit debt consolidation or For Profit settlement?

We Answered:

Bad credit is one of the worst problems to have... however there exists a solution.

I will hereby talk from my personal experience.

I did debt consolidation a couple of years ago, however If I had to do it again I would pay to some minor details,
if someone wants to get out of debt today it is pretty easy with a debt consolidation plan, however it may get a bit tricky at times, I suggest you get as much information as possible online on this first,

a good place to start in my humble opinion is astraight to the point ebook with question and answer I found :…

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