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O Balance Transfer Credit Card

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Matthew Said:

My husband has a credit card with an ex ?

We Answered:

There's no question he can remove himself from the account, even if he can't close it. In this situation I advise this, rather than risk the other person might abuse the account and subject your husband to credit impairment and possible liability for the charges.

Having several credit cards open does not damage your credit. In fact, having high credit availability reduces your credit utilization ratio (total outstanding balance as a percentage of total available credit lines) and improves your credit score. I have over 30 open lines and a credit score close to 800.

Jim Said:

Balance Transfer from Citi to Capital One?

We Answered:

One mistake you are making is closing out your old credit card account.
Closing accounts hurts you in 2 ways.
1. You are reducing the overall available balance on all your cards - a number creditors look at.
2. You may be deleting your oldest credit card account. Length of credit history is 15% of your fico.

I've heard these transfers can take time.
Take care of your credit. You'll need it now more than ever since employers check.
Don't ever let your balance touch more than 25% of your available balance.
For top scores - pay the balance in full each month.
Maxing out is a good way to devastate your credit scores.

Regina Said:

Consolidating credit card debt to one payment?

We Answered:

The companies that "negotiate with your creditors" don't do anything you can't do yourself and charge you a fee for the service. Don't bother.

Aside from transferring the balances to the card with a lower interest or taking out a bill consolidation loan, you really don't have many options to get everything to one payment. So, pick the smallest balance, really work on paying that off (while maintaining the other cards) and then attack the next balance in the same way.

Sergio Said:

A financial advisor hacked into a new cr. card acct. and transferred a balance w/o my knowledge.Is this legal?

We Answered:

No. Close all your account. Send them a letter 1 certified, 1 regular demanding that they refund the said amount within 5 days. Keep a copy for your files. If the certified is rtnd unsigned, do not open it. That is your only proof that the letter was sent. I would also put your account on fraud alert through Trans Union Fraud Dept. Their toll free # is 1-800-680-7289. You should also request your free credit report from or call them toll free @ 1-877-322-8228. Since this is the first I heard of this kind of problem, you should contact a lawyer that deals with bank fraud or call the banking commissioner in your state.

Mildred Said:

Credit Card transfer do you know......................?

We Answered:

tell the bank the truth. banks don't want to pull the plug or make anyone bankrupt cos they rarely get their money back and they want their money back.
talk to the bank, tell them the whole story and they may come up with solutions you hadn't thought of. without all your info i can't be specific.
in short your bank wants to help.
alternatively sue the person who owes you money through the small claims court. Your Ad Here

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