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Lynn Said:

how do i get a free credit report when I try it says that they cant confirm my identity.?

We Answered:

a lot of times those questions aren't 100% accurate, they ended up asking me a question about my mortgage lender when I didn't have a mortgage yet... so they told me they couldn't process mine either. But, they will/should send you a letter with your report number on it so you can log on and view it that way. Just because you can't view it online through the questions doesn't mean there is something wrong with your credit. Just wait for the letter or call them and find out your report number. I've found the easiest people to deal with is and it's 100% free, no signing up then canceling bs like Hope this helps.

Gail Said:

Can I accept offline payments through PayPal?

We Answered:

yes no problem.
I have sent money to my sister and paid off money I wowed to a friend with pay pal. Best part was that I am in ca my sister is in FL and my friend in Thailand. I pay and they have the money instantly.

Christina Said:

Website Online Credit Card Payments with Offline Processing?

We Answered:

just make a form as a web page using web page software. they are only leaving details, you need no 3rd party. You do need to make this page incredibily secure though. You would also need customer not present facility from your merchant services, NO pin number! In your shop, they would enter a pin. You need a customer not present facility, the most common type of fraud! so start up, net businesses by amateurs pay through the nose for this, towards the slush fund for online theft, often done by the card takers themselves! As a reputable real shop, your merchant should add this for you, possibly the whole card taking page to add to the site?

Kimberly Said:

Is there something wrong with my resume?

We Answered:

It's unreadable because it's 10x too's a letter, not a resume. Remove the narrative and stick to the facts!

- Netel, Nov. 2003 - April 2004
- Customer Service Representative
- Trainer and Quality Assurance Monitor - Responsible for top-producing project, ""


•Skilled at organizing complex projects, defining project priorities, and delegating tasks.
•Possess excellent strong time management, organization and presentation skills.

BULL...if you possessed strong organizational and presentaiton skills why is your resume so long.

Keep your subjective claims off the resume...write a fantastic resume and it's self-evident.

Joshua Said:

Website Online Credit Card Payments with Offline Processing?

We Answered:

Visa and MasterCard require that you have a separate merchant account for all Internet sales. This is because Internet sales comprise the vast majority of Internet fraud and all Internet sales must be separated so if there is a problem with your Internet sales they can be stopped without affecting your non-Internet sales.

When processing an order placed over the Internet your POS software MUST be ECI compliant. ECI stands for "Electronic Commerce Indicator". All Internet sales must send over a special flag that shows that transaction occurred over the Internet. All major payment gateways (Authorize.Net, Verisign, etc.) are ECI compliant. Most POS software is NOT compliant (PC Charge is ECI compliant). No credit card terminals are ECI compliant. This means you MUST either use a payment gateway or one of the few ECI compliant pieces of POS software available.

If you do not plan to use a payment gateway for instant payment and plan to run your sale through an ECI compliant piece of software you must make sure your website is PCI DSS compliant. The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) dictates how to securely handle credit cards including storing it. Basically, you have some high hurdles to overcome to be compliant if you plan on storing/emailing credit card numbers for the sake of processing them manually later.

In practice a lot of companies ignore these guidelines but if you get caught, not only will you never be able to get a merchant account again, but you may get sued if your data is ever stolen. Your Ad Here

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