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Online Credit Card Fraud

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Henry Said:

Can online Credit card usage/fraud be tracked?

We Answered:

Yes. Paypal can easily track it and will do so when the owners of the account alert them. Also they know to which address the goods purchased illegally were sent to.

Michael Said:

What to do if youre framed for credit card fraud online due to someone taking control over your computer?

We Answered:

Here's what I would do if was ever placed in that position:

Install and launch a keylogger on my computer.
Leave my computer on, lock it, leave it alone and go on a trip for a week.

Internet transactions are logged really well, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) must by law keep logs of all internet activity.

Now if I had proof that I wasn't at my computer when an order was placed from it and a keylogger shows that nobody touched a key on my keyboard, I'd be a free man.

Once a crimincal investigation starts the computer will get sent to forensic investigators who'll be able to tell whether your computer was breached or not. Additionally I'd recommend going to an internet cafe while on the trip, checking for these confirmation messages and letting the site owners know that somehing has gone wrong, all while I'm away on my trip.

The first thing you'll be asked once your innocence is established is who do you suspect would do something like this. And Voila, they'll check that persons ISP logs and bam, caught. :)

Jennie Said:

How does the Online Credit card Fraud works?

We Answered:

If someone gets your personal information and uses it for fraudulent reasons, like buying things with it or getting another credit card in your name.. then that's credit card fraud. You can protect yourself from all kinds of fraud using this service ( )

Offline someone can steal that info by rummaging through your trash, or stealing your wallet. Online people can trick you into giving up personal information, called "phishing" Shopping on ebay poses its own risks because there are a lot of scammers out there. If you are using a pre-paid card then its a bit more safer. Usually buying on ebay will involve a 3rd party like PayPal. Certain sellers can accept credit card payments, but make sure they have a good reputation. Don't buy from someone wanting your CC info if they have bad or no feedback. Your Ad Here

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