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Online Student Credit Card Application

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Donna Said:

Why can i get a student credit card?

We Answered:

It's a bug in the programming of the Discover application webpage.

On the Discover online application, Puerto Rico is an option for your permanent address, so they are not intentionally trying to exclude Puerto Ricans.

If unable to apply on the website, then apply by telephone. The number is 1-866-329-5755 to apply for the Discover Student Credit Card.

Heather Said:

Discover Student credit card?

We Answered:

OMG I applied for that yesterday too! I'm excited just like you. Everybody I've asked said yes it's a good card even though it has a low limit. The representative I spoke with said that in 6 months you can ask for a credit extension. Good Luck building your credit! :)

Willard Said:

WHy is it taking 30 days to get a response from an online credit card application?

We Answered:

the only thing more dangerous than someone with bad credit is someone with no credit. they are wary of you since you have no established credit, your a student blah blah blah. it takes them awhile to verify your status, residence, job (if you have one), and your account status. if you had established credit then it wouldn;t necessarily take this long to approve or deny your application. if you do get this one and are financilly responsible; when you apply for other cards in the future, the response time will be a lot quicker. basically, once they can pin you down, see you can make payments, you'll get it.

Lori Said:

Do I need a credit card or is a debit card enough to pay my application fee for grad school online?

We Answered:

Depends on the school you are dealing with..

Mae Said:

17 and lied on credit card application?

We Answered:

First of all, it *is* fraud. The reason for the 17 vs 18 rule is that a contract is only legally enforceable if you are at least the age of majority... 18. If you're 17, rack up a lot of debt and don't pay a credit card, then the bank cannot collect from you because you are not of legal age to enter a contract. That doesn't mean you are off the hook though. By putting that you're 18, you can end up in court and juvi for fraud and misrepresentation with intent to defraud.

I would suggest doing this..

1) When you get the card. Call the customer service people and tell them you had a typo on your application and you're really 17 and you're sorry for the inconvenience. They will verify if you tried to charge anything and then will promptly close your account.

2) CUT IT UP. Do *NOT* use it.

3) Wait until you're 18 then apply for a credit card with a small limit so you can start building your credit.

I hope that helps.

Nicole Said:

Suntrust Visa student credit card?

We Answered:

its not a scam, u can apply.... u can contact them at

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